List of things to buy for a new Baby

A list of things you can buy for a new baby

Eleven things I need to do before the baby comes ? Forever Amber Yeah, I know it's a little weird what's on a "prep list for the baby," huh? I' ve actually done most of the evacuation (look, everyone needs a pastime, OK?), but since the things that were in the kids' room cupboard have to be spread out among the other two, I really want to take the chance to put them all back together again and put in some shelving, etc. to organize them better, and, well, Pinterest-y.

In particular, the kindergarten wardrobe needs a little TLC to make it better suited for storing a pile of baby clothing and other things, and I'm not going to tell a liar, I'm really, really, really thrilled to be able to organize it. Of course, this room must be completely emptied before we can do much more for baby preparation.

A few of the things in it are getting sells (like my tommy cycle, for example. I' m not a big supporter of visiting contributions, and although I know that I would like to come by from time to time and update, I don't want to have any pressures to blogs when we're new from the infirmary, that is, post contributions in anticipation that can rise in the week after giving birth. What I want to do is to be able to post a few news letters and post them in time.

worried about a lot of dumb shit like not having suitable pajamas and having to walk around in my usually tight/worn nightclothes, so I grabbed a handbag and updated it as the gestation progressed, and I began using motherhood DJs instead of more normal ones, etc. etc.

Of course I have to refresh it before the baby is born, and I also need one for the baby: it's much further down, but it's still on the list, because those things tend to burden me and keep me alert at nights. Yes, walk, woaaaay in front of me, but while I know that first babies generally don't get there early (or even on time), I also know at least three folks whose first babies get there early, so I know it's not quite impossibly either.

I' m not exactly a Santa Claus, but I know that I will feel even less formal with a visit to the clinic and the forthcoming birth, so I really want to get down to Christmas shopping early and preferably finish by the end of November at the latest.

Cause I' m sure there were more things I needed to memorize than this.

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