Little Baby Boy Clothes

Small Baby Boy Clothes

George has everything your baby needs, from bibs to bodies, socks and tops to keep your little man trendy in any weather and on any occasion. In this article you will find a selection of traditional baby boy clothing. You are guaranteed to find the perfect outfit for your little man, with guaranteed cuteness! Hard-wearing and luxuriously soft materials offer your little ones countless possibilities.

BOYS baby also need clothes.... A little ranting

Can' understand why mothers of young men buy less clothes? My kids are treated on an equal footing by giving them both new clothes / footwear when they need it. It can happen at different hours as needed, but my girls' dressing room is certainly not three sizes bigger. You do it, the amount of cash you spend in stores on boys' clothes is far less than for girls' clothes.

Then the big issue is whether less spending is because there is less for young people, or whether there is less for young people because less spending is made - hen and bean. If you go to very expensive designers clothes for kids you will find more extraordinary clothes (both for men and for girls) because they can help the higher cost of small series as well.

Ground surface will always be more for girls' clothes than for men, as well as more for women's clothes than for men, just because there are more kinds of clothes for girl than for boy (as for men and women). This can only be tackled by providing the same number of styles for both, i.e. either making a skirt and dress for a boy or removing it from the girls' range.

Could you be selling kids' clothes and skirts? Could we stop a girl from dressing in a skirt or a dress? Teenagers also have a broader choice of colors, no color is taboo for girls' clothing, no matter what color you make in it, it is sold so you can use the full palette of colors in clothes, dresses, tops, pants, jackets, etc. While teenagers' pants, jackets, etc. in colors of soft are not sold in large quantities (there is a certain amount of baby clothing available for them, but not beyond the baby hood).

Then there are flower and other printed products - not a favourite consumers option for boys' clothes, but very favourite for girls' clothes. It doesn't seem right that there are more choices for women than for men, but how can we do that? Why do mothers of young men want to see?

Would you like the offer of colorful and flowery clothes and blouses, which take up several metres of ground area, to be expanded to cubs? Actually I have never really grasped why it is okay for a girl to be wearing pants or a skirt, but a boy only has to be wearing pants, we have accepted pants as equal rights, but would mock men because they took a skirt with them to balance things out, even though they were right to do so.

Years ago, when our high schools had girl for the first time to take pants to schools, the selection for girl was increasing and so we did a protestsay, because the schools did not changed also the unified policies of the boy to take pants, for one days many boy lent our pants and used them.

Schools have not changed their policies, but even if they had, how many would actually have wore skirts? How many? Already now a girl can dress in outfits, pants, aprons and even clothes in summers, but boy have only one thing to choose from - pants! There is a slight decrease in the selection gaps in high schools, but young women can still dress in dresses or pants, there is no rock options for them.

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