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Delivered in a gift box, would be a nice gift for a very special little person! month She likes to go dancing when she is with her boyfriends, and at home she likes to toy with her dummy and bears. Baa Baa Baa Baa Baa Mouton noir, Si votre bonheur et vous le savez et Pat a Cake. Baby Bum toys are delivered in'Try me' playing only one track.

To activate all 4 tracks, please turn the built-in batteries on.

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All you can do is snuggle up the Baby Bornshire Supersoft Boot. Your Baby Baby Borne Puppet also wears a cuddly rose overalls with cap and pacifier. She' s the baby doll! She' s the baby model! It is not possible for us to ship for a certain period of your order, but if you are likely to be travelling, we will be pleased to ship to a work, home or friend location.

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Get to know Carlito, a light and funny baby toys in the legendary Käfer auto designs, perfect for sensorial games, masticating and bathing. Made in Barcelona and handmade in Morocco from 100% virgin helical caoutchouc from tree and handpainted with virgin plant pigment. Delivered in a present case, would be a nice present for a very particular little person!

100 percent 100% naturally hevea caoutchouc from tree and hand-painted with naturally occurring plant pigment. Please note: Due to the fact that use is made of synthetic rubbers, there may be slight deviations in colour and form.

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