Live Babies for Sale

Living babies for sale

Mom'tried to peddle Craigslist for £150,000': Says it was a gag. One young mom tried to buy her four-month-old boys on the web for 150,000 pounds, as it came out last evening. On Christmas Day the 20-year-old promoted the "beautiful" little girl on Gumtree's website. Officials pursued the wife and took the infant and his two-year-old older sister into foster custody. Yesterday evening, the lone parent suffering from postnatal depressive disorder said the ad was just a ridiculous gag that went backwards.

Claiming that she had ventured to pose it, she had no intent to carry out the sale and was destroyed to the ground that her two boys were taken away. Bradford's full-time mom said, "I had joked with my ex about the sale of semen and balls, and he somehow ventured to offer a babe for sale - but I didn't mean our kids.

I dressed Gumtree for having sold a 150,000 pound newborn. I cried and begged at the foot of this one welfare woman, but she just took my boy away from me. I should be the one who' trapped, not the guys who' got to live with foreigners.

There was a shocking member who sent an email to the mom, claiming that she answered that she was going to resell the baby "because it cries". Yesterday evening the wife, who is separate from the daddy of her kids, talked about how the cops came to take her two kids away. It'?s against the law to buy or buy a kid in the UK.

Last evening the cops said no one was apprehended. Rather, they said the issue had been referred to the welfare state. Said the cops were telling her that she was investigating her daugher for kidnapping, and added: She had no intent to sell a kid, let alone her own. Mr Gumtree says that objects prohibited for sale under British legislation should not be promoted or traded.

The Bradford Welfare Service was at the centre of this year's trials of Amanda Hutton, 43, whose four-year-old boy Hamzah Khan was found mutilated in 2011.

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