Most important Items to have for a new Baby

The most important things you should have for a new baby are

Sixteen important things from the ambulance pouch that you will probably be forgetting. This is one of the most important pockets you will ever grab, sitting at the front of your house for week while you wait for your new baby to arrive. There are many instructions on the things you need to involve, but we wanted to know which things you are most likely to want to be forgotten or wished for when the time comes?

For more information, we have asked our Mother&Baby mothers to submit their lost essentials - some might come as a shock! Refreshments - Although you'll be given food, it's a good idea to pack some additional refreshments for yourself and your mate. They don't want them to be tagged when you need them most, and even though most of the hospitals have businesses, they may not be open 24 hours.

Also, many mothers said the last thing they felt was that they were eating in hospitals and wish they had more of their favorite munchies. Earphones - Most labour rooms have a CD for your birthday play list, but it's a good idea to have a set of earphones that hide all the other sounds around you.

Dryshampoo - The only cosmetic that every new mother will swear by; although you may not be comfortable (or worried about how you look), keeping your coat tidy can always help. Many of our mothers wish they had an additional set of pajamas in their pockets for the latest changes.

Moisturizing Moisturizer - Clean your mouth with natural moisturizer, so make sure you have your favorite Moisturizer at your fingertips. squash - Although you may not be permitted carbonated beverages, many mothers wish they had wrapped something to make the clinic warmer.

Many mothers who have contacted us wish they had something to scratch off all their face during contractions. A mother of ours was telling us that she had sent her man to buy her something, after realizing that she had forgot her when he came back with Dove Peeling, she was so distressed that she used it anyway!

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