Most important things a Newborn needs

The most important thing a newborn baby needs

Baby follow the built-in needs (see Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Babies). The babies are all different and the amount of sleep they need will vary. Caption Father of four-year-old John Lee about the importance of leaving the office on time.

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And he was exactly the same, must have said the same things to himself. Immediately, this creates tension between the two. Then it was a shortage of communications that led to many stresses. Oh, the bad things. Life already changes between the two partners because you feel guilty.

We feel that this child is sick because of us, and that is difficult. And that'?s hard, 'cause first we don't talk about it. We did it, everyone stays in their own corner and we think about it. And we didn't know it, and it's my fault.

And so it brings tension to a pair, but you don't express yourself because you're afraid to hurt the other. And we, in our case at the beginning, have really found no tone of conversation. So it was every man for himself, we suffered in silence. Mm. And at the same time, so we loved, there was this child who was there, whom we loved very much, but personally we suffered because especially when he started to have his first seizure,

that he was nine months old anyway, which is early, so we were really confronted with the disease, and we focused more on the child. We forget ourselves because we want to give the child the maximum. We forget ourselves, and then it was a lack of communications, and that is a lot of tension - that is on the family side, between father and mother.

At the level of the immediate family, it's more like compassion, and we don't need that. "Ah, it's hard, ah, the poor, the poor, the poor little ones. We hear that once or twice, and then we try not to talk about it around us, so we collect for ourselves again.

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