Must have Infant Items

Has to contain baby articles

They' d all have loved to have their own baby box. You do not have to pay a child's fee if an additional seat has been booked. Note that an infant does not have hand luggage. Free baggage allowance for children with a child or infant ticket.

Travelling with an infant

A baby is a baby that has not yet celebrated its second anniversary during its whole journey. Babies must not be admitted within the first 7 workingdays following delivery, except in the field of medicine. 1 infant per companion over 15 years. Number of babies per aeroplane is determined by the number of available air mask and seat belt on the aeroplane.

When babies travel on the pet's womb, the child fare will apply. Should the adults prefer the infant to have its own child restraint (in accordance with the necessary security standards), a reduced child restraint (if available) must be obtained and the adults must take an auto-type child restraint that complies with applicable security requirements (see below).

Appropriate procedures should be followed by contacting the Aegean Call Centre or your local tourist office. When the child reaches the age of 2 during the trip, a child must be seated in a special child fare for the whole trip. Wearing a vehicle safety harness is an option in this case. An infant's vehicle seat shall bear an authorised sticker bearing one of the following indications:

Infant safety system meets all FAA, JAA and Federal automotive safety standards. Childrens booster chairs must be used in an unmanned aeroplane and must not be kept in the womb of an adult. 3. An autonomous infant carrier must always be securely attached to a chair, unless the autonomous infant carrier is kept as hand luggage.

Do not place baby seats: Do not install the infant restraint in an escape route line or in the line immediately in front of or behind the escape route line. Can be used for babies and kids up to 12 years. Maximal baby load is 27 kg.

Bottom of child safety chair must not be larger than 40 cm/15.7 inch x 40 cm/15.7 inch - to allow mounting on all cabs. A child safety chair must be equipped with a child safety harness. Child restraint design shall allow safe securing to the cab safety harness and shall not impede the front seated position from leaning back.

Child seats must be secured before departing and must stay that way until arriving.

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