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Just go ahead and treat yourself or a friend to something naturally beautiful! Bio baby wash Made of GOTS, these trousers are....

. We are in fall for our timid little giant on his striped back. Made of 100% GOTS, this T-shirt is a real.... Never mind pajamas with a banana in your pajamas, they're pajamas with a banana in their pajamas! Manufactured from 100% GOTS approved material..... 100 OrgLittle ones will look sweet like a puppy in this striped long sleeve gown in ecru and cyan!

Combine this gown with..... It has a beautiful transferred printing.... Enchanting dark blues spreader gown made of smooth jeans of the same fabric value. Hot seams, heat seal and passport detail.

Bio-Baby Clothing | Natural Baby Clothing Products

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Biological & natural baby clothes

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In the last 3 years I have been looking for a way to combine my experiences of living with my vocational abilities. When I was a 5 year old mother, with the added bonus of being a certified naturopath, I fulfilled my dreams of founding my own brand...A lot of practical experiences and some vocational abilities are the foundation of this name.

It'?s in the logo: Snuggle and Mother Nature. I' m passionately interested in caring for babies and would like to introduce them to the natural world. Thought of as a snuggle for your little ones, each and every one of these products is designed to make your little ones' lives easy! Simplicity, safety, softness!

Becaming Baby - Organic baby clothing for babies

So why bio baby clothes? In addition to the look and feel of our bio baby clothes, you will contribute to improving your baby's surroundings in the near term. With one of the best on-line assortments of baby wear in the UK, we trust you will safely appreciate our assortment in the full awareness that your child's natural baby clothes will help the world.

This is the material that gives Frugi t-shirts and frugi caps their iconic glory! This is when we rinse the cloth in a specific equipment that smoothes the top fibre coating and makes it look like a pear. JerseySingle knitted material, slightly less weight than airlock.

Just a small hint about our printing and dyeing products... All our printing and dyeing products comply with the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), i.e. no harmful poisonous chemical substances are used.

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