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There are 10 intelligent home gadgets to help you keep your home safer and protected.

However, nowadays it is as simple to find a good watchman as going to the home office of your nearest electronic store. The good thing for your home and your purse is that there are virtually tens of affordable intelligent gadgets that can keep you and your home secure while you are away.

Finding which of these e-guard dog models is a good idea to buy can be difficult, but we have done some research of our own and found at least 10 devices to keep your home safely and sheltered. However, there is something to say for safety and tranquillity under any circumstances, so we have compiled this page.

The LG Smart? and ADT Home Safety? based Smart Solutions are the first of their kind. Other gadgets on this checklist do only one job at a stretch, but LG's safety feature is a single device: a digital still phone, a movement detector, a mic and a loudspeaker. The Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video doorbell may not be a conventional safety video device, but it does act as a face-to-face doorman analysing prospective visitors before they enter your modest home.

Wi-Fi Bell provides 1080p digital audio playback, free on-line stores and on-demand videos, as well as alarm when someone pushes the key. However, if you are looking for complete front door safety, a clever bell needs a clever padlock to keep up with it. For the Skybell HD Bell, the best criminal counterfeit companion is the Kwikset Kevo Soft Locks, a rugged locking system that strikes the perfect balance between safety and comfort.

Would you like an intelligent castle that takes a little less set-up work? August Smart-Lock goes over your regular bolt locking system and joins the Apple HomeKit eco-system of intelligent devices. When you like your padlocks exactly as they are, but are still interested in some improvements in exterior safety, take a look at Kuna's line of intelligent luminaires.

It was one of the first big stream smarts and it was made that way because it's so easy to set up and deploy and how efficient it is once you've done it. Whilst all rockers are quite intelligent, the Securifi Almond 3 is very intelligent. It not only connects you to the outside like any old wireless device would, the Almond 3 also does some intelligent home gimmicks to help you automatize and manage your web use.

The Securifi Group is selling its own range of intelligent home appliances that are part of the router - from doorsensors and movement detectors to intelligent remotes and intelligent switches - but thanks to a few intelligent partners, you can integrate them into the Amazon Echo. Do you want to disable Wi-Fi for all children's equipment?

Securifi also provides an additional security feature, the Security Scheme, which prevents equipment outside your home control your home. Scanning all machines on the perimeter for botnet/malware exploits, the schedule tracks down incoming data to identify malicious machines on the perimeter, alerts when critical machine activities occur, and identifies endangered machines on the perimeter.

Whereas other home smarts have a specific alcove or specialise in a specific area, Samsung's SmartThings system can be used in a variety of ways to lock up your home. Inside are a SmartThings Hub (the brain of each SmartThing), a multifunctional movement detector, two windows and doorsensors, and a SmartThings Outlet that lets you turn devices on and off by remote control.

If you don't buy one of the other SmartThings-compatible appliances, only these available utilities allow you to keep tabs on who is at home and when, and find some rest when you know you have the whole house of the house safely and well. And if you include something else from the SmartThings catalog, you'll soon have a home that' worth watching in a sci-fi movie.

Some great intelligent illumination choices exist, such as Cree and LIFX light globes, but Philips Hue has so far left the biggest impression on us. It is not only part of the Amazon Echo product line, but also the automation of the color tone is very easy.

A flaw deserving to be highlighted is that these intelligent light bulbs are much more costly than their "stupid" alternative. Prior to starting your month-long holiday, you'll feel quite comfortable in your new, ultra-safe home intelligence, there's one last thing you need: the Auto Pro. Like an intelligent vehicle detector, the Auto Pro works for your vehicle.

Automatic not only provides the default safety functions you would expect, but also has some useful functions such as odometer tracing and crashwarning to keep you informed of the vehicle's state.

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