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Required baby articles

Baby Tula Our baby carrier has been conceived so that you can sufficiently transport your little baby in our Tula baby carrier. Tula ring loops and braided lanyards can be stretched around the baby and adapted to the height of a neonate. Our Tula baby carrier, however, does require the use of our Tula baby carrier to care for a small child correctly.

Not only does the baby tray offer a higher bearing height to allow free breathing and simple supervision of your baby, it also provides the necessary supporting supports for your baby's skull, throat and torso. The additional assistance helps prevent your baby from falling into the carrier's front tray and helps the backbone mature healthily.

Baby Carry is advised to use our Tula Baby Carry Stand from the neonate to sitting alone with your legs free to dangle in an ergonomically extended crouch posture and is a min. of 15 pounds. Baby tray contains an integral cable that attaches your baby to the tray.

When your baby is growing and building up more physical power, the removable "seat cushion" of the tray can be used independently in your Tula baby carriers. Perfect for a kid who has already designed a helmet but still needs the smaller "seat" that the baby pad offers to prevent overstretching in the wearer.

However, some kids may still need the higher, narrower cushions and the inner supports provided by the baby carriers. Remember that the baby tray should be used with the Tula full height and not the Tula toddler height and that the baby tray is not designed for use in a backpack.

For more information about carrying your new baby, please see our prior article: For more information on how to use our infant carrier, please refer to our infant carrier instructions page.

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