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I need baby boy

Can you really choose the sex of your baby? Finding a Boy - 4 Tips for Finding a Boy Whilst there is no scientifically based proof that certain sexual position can affect the gender of your baby, there have been different types of theory for years. Masculine reproduction cell or semen contains one of two chromatosomes related to the gender of your baby. This is why the semen that fertilizes the ovum will determine the gender of your baby.

Dr. Shettles, creator of the best-selling How to Choose your Baby title, thinks that there are a number of distinctions between masculine and feminine semen. Research has shown that the semen of boys is less, smaller and quicker than that of women. It was also his discovery that women's sperms were more resistant and able to live longer in a woman's bodies.

What can you do to promote fertilisation of your ovum by males? It was Dr. Shettles' belief that penetrating deeply was important to give the boy's semen a competitive edge. Less different from traveling, the boy's semen would be able to overtake the girl's semen and find the ovum. Shettle' s approach maintains that in order to increase the chance of a boy having sexual intercourse, one should have sexual intercourse in a position that allows deeper penetrating.

This may not seem very romatic, but the nearer to the uterus the sperms are spayed, the more likely they are to find the ovum. It is a deeply penetrating location and is considered by many to be the optimal location for a boy's conception. It is also possible to set this posture to kneel or lean on a higher level if you wish.

A further item that allows deeper entry is getting up. It is believed by some that boys' sperms in this pose have an edge because they float more quickly against the force of gravitation to get to the ovum. Your spouse may be able to raise you for this job, or you may want to sit against a brick-wall.

Positioning in this way allows it to penetrate deeply, but with the added advantage of being in your own hands. Shettles recommends sexual contact as near as possible to ooculation because the masculine semen is the quicker of the two. When you have sexual activity several and a half hours before you ovulate, the less able masculine semen can become dead so that more feminine semen can fertilize the ovum.

As you may have noticed, the lingerie a man is wearing can influence semen proliferation - which may not be something you want to be playing with if you try to get pregnant at all. It is believed that if your mate is wearing boxers, this is better for masculine semen because the testicle does not get as hot, which limits the amount of semen that can be produced.

Narrower lingerie should be better adapted to the viability of women semen.... but you may find that if the heat becomes too hot you decrease the output of all semen. There is also a beloved argue that feminine climax is an important part of a boy's imagination.

While some believe that an oral fluid is secreted into the vulva during a woman's period of sexual arousal, the boy's semen has an improved opportunity to survive. To maximize your odds, take a look at Dr. Shettle's best-selling novel, How to Choose your Baby's sexiest time.

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