Needed Baby Items Checklist

Checklist for required baby articles

( e.g.: "We had to help your baby breathe by laying a breathing tube").

Trip checklist: Their indispensable baby packinglist

You can be overwhelmed when you plan your first trip with a baby, look at all the everyday things you can't survive without, and wonder what you really need to take with you. So, with a few journeys under my thong, and inspiration from another newer mother's Facebook statement that she could manage with a checklist for package holidays, these are my top 10 bases for traveling with a baby.

Here is a more detailled downloadable copy - ESSENTIAL BABY BACKING LIST. Travelling bed - make sure your accomodation offers one (you have more than enough to carry), but if not, here are my advice on what to consider when selecting your accomodation. Don't miss bed linen (or a large muslin), blankets and blankets and a baby guard (unless you're in a singles room).

When you have already been cured, but are not at the point where your baby is having "adult food", buy as much as you can on arrival. All over the globe, baby foods are not so different, and you don't want to go on your holidays puréeing... Pack a few bags (a few favorites, mixed fruits and breakfasts were my common replacements) as they are better travelers than glas containers.

However, it's a good idea to pack a Totseat when you're out and about or if your kid can't handle the high seat. Toilet articles: However, unless you want to try to work out the Calpol locally, or try to measure a certain amount of water, a well-assorted first kit is indispensable.

Store some of your baby painkillers bags (plus teaspoon or syringe) in your carry-on baggage in case the teeth change suddenly. Toilet articles: Bathing clothes - it is a good idea to decant some toilet articles, especially if your baby has delicate skins (now is not the right moment to find out that she reacts to certain products) and a bathroom thermostat to be on the safer side.

Remember the baby tubs and gumdrops. Among my favorite travels are a few fabricbacks ( full of creased, tough, generally fun little things) and a series of pet finger puppets that can be securely stored in a bag. Failsafe: Is there a blanket without which your baby won't be sleeping?

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