New Baby Care Products

Novel baby care products

So many baby care products on the market today, if you have just become a new parent, you can embarrass yourself with what to choose and use. Cosmetic products for the nappy changing of babies The nappy of your baby must be exchanged up to 7 to 8 changes per week. Therefore, a particular care is necessary with every nappy exchange of your baby. Below are some hints on how to preserve the sensitive epidermis on your baby's bottom! - Everything you need on the nappy change is prepared: nappies, wadding mats, detergents, nappy lotion, etc.

  • The nappies of your baby should be replaced as soon as they are wet or during each stool, ideally a little after eating. Newborn babies need to be replaced more often as they are more likely to bladder and stool than older babies. - Pick nappies that suit your child's size: If the nappy is too small, it can cause annoying rubbing and does not offer sufficient leakage shelter.
  • Once you are prepared to replace the nappy, place your baby on a neat swimsuit. Then open the nappy and mop the baby's bottom with the front part of the nappy. Wrap the nappy and discard it. - The buttocks of your baby should be cleaned with a no-rinse cleaning liquid, a cleaning cream or thick nappy tissues.
  • Top to bottom, from the cleaner areas to the dirtier ones, to avoid spreading contaminants elsewhere. In a baby maid cleanse from the volva (the external wrinkles of the lip and then the middle) to the back. To have a small baby boys, wash the inside of the head, the testicle and the surroundings, and then the bottom.
  • Dry the wrinkles in the dermis thoroughly to avoid bacterial growth or, if possible, allow the dermis to aerate. - When you open the nappy, place your baby directly in the middle so that the straps are at the same height as the belly button. When you have a little kid, make sure his cock is facing down correctly before you close the nappy to avoid the leak.
  • You can' just sit there and let your baby's ass turn blush before you take care of it! Every nappy changing, put on a preventive protection creme or talcum containing zink oxides. - Use a skin care lotion and keep your baby's buttocks as far away from the wind as possible in case of a nappy rash.

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