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Surely Kate Middleton will dress the King's baby in Hand-me-Downs. Over the years, the thrifty Kate, 36, will probably be recycling some of George's favorite dresses for the new princess. Earlier George was wearing hand-me-downs that Prince William carried as a kid, while two-year-old Charlotte was also sighted in clothing previously carried by her big brothers. Rachel Riley, the fashion creator whose clothing was weared by George and Charlotte, said it was likely that the new princess would receive a hand-me-down.

We often see the Duchess of Cambridge wear her favorite items over and over again, and her kids have wore the same look on different occasions," she said to FEMAIL. Childrens clothing is often passed on from siblings to siblings and especially traditionally dressed clothing can be passed on from father to son.

Wearing the same baby blues jumpsuit his father was wearing at the same wedding at Buckingham Palace in 1984, William also had on. Meanwhile, Charlotte was also seen in her big brother's hand-me-downs, among them a jacket George was wearing when he met his little brother at the infirmary in 2015.

The same Charlotte Amaia badge was used by the UK company during a trip to Canada the following year. This young female was also portrayed with older hand-me-downs by her prince Harry oracle. Last year Charlotte was in Warsaw in the summer of 1986 carrying a few pairs of scarlet boots that Harry used as a kid.

"It' gonna be stuffed with Hand-me-Down and George and Charlotte's old toy.

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