New Baby Essentials Shopping List

Novelties Baby Essentials Shopping List

One of the best things you can do before you start shopping for baby is to make a list. Testco Baby Club Events & THIRD BABY SHOPPING LIST! You might think that the third occasion we would have everything we could need for a baby - where Mr. M. is a little freaky and proper rooms are his thing - the loft was quickly cleared of baby gear & here we are for the third occasion from the ground up.

Because I know you like a good list, I have added my current baby buy list at the end of this article! It was the first baby-like thing we've done since we found out we were waiting for our third one, so I was quite dizzy!

I have never taken part in the Tesco Baby Show before, even though Tesco is my own locally run and regularly run grocery shop, and I'm really not sure why, as there were so many good offers - not to speak of the beautiful baby purchases available at Tesco Baby Plus. Your shopping experience in the shop will be facilitated by the useful information columns at the end of each shopping session that inform you about diaper size, withdrawal times, etc. & all baby products are of course comfortably grouped to make it convenient to find what you are looking for or simply to make searching more pleasant if you are not looking for something in particular.

Tesco also has additional parents' and children's car parks during the baby show, so you can be sure to get a spacious place that is beautiful and near the front doors for added security and comfort with your baby (or a bump). Tesco has really thought that everything is as useful as possible.

I know now that you were desperately looking for what's on our shopping list for our third baby, so... here it is! Start the shopping. We' ll withhold most of the shopping until we know the sex - which we will find out in March...until then I will visit the baby show to supply myself with all the important things while they are on sale, which will help us to develop our funds!

I am Rebecca, 26 year old woman working off shore, Mr Meldrum and Mama, 3 year old Safiyah & Baby Florence. It is a lifestyles blogs where I divided my trip during my gestation, sharing our adventure with the whole world, shopping trips and many other general events!

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