New Baby Inventions

Novel baby inventions

Unbelievable inventions for baby equipment for 2014 Disguised transfomers came to the show in the shape of a vehicle chair that allows leg growth and turns into a pram with a click. Doona ( 299, plus 100 for the base) is an Isofix auto saddle that has a frame and castors that are pleated into its body. It could be a big thing for those who are always taking kids for quick trips in and out of the cars and don't want the effort of getting a pushchair out. In spite of its low mass, the Doona pram allows you to place specific Doona pockets over the grips to distribute the mass and prevent the pram from tilting.

So the only disadvantage is that if you use it as a pram, your baby is still in a pram chair in an erect posture, so it's not good for long pram rides (the latest suggestion is that infants shouldn't remain in pram chairs longer than 2 hrs at a time). Pushchair boards are no longer the only way to let a second kid ride on the back of a pushchair (without having to buy another seat).

Buckgypod's Pearl (£59.95, plus 19.95 for the trim ) is an exclusive buggy pearl that attaches to the stroller so your baby can get settled when weary. It bounces out for a fast soccer match in the garden and also serves as a children's chair, for use in a restaurant or when not at home.

All you have to do is make sure that the bead is not a small device, so you have to keep it somewhere while your kid is on the buggy board. With the claim to be the most environmentally friendly pram in the whole wide range, 93% of the Greentom pram is made of recyclable synthetic material.

The Greentom is only suited for infants over 6mth+, but the same manufacturer is also launching the UpCombi - a recyclable, travelling system pram that is operational from the moment of delivery.

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