New Baby must have Checklist

A new baby must have a checklist.

The must-have items your baby will have close at hand when you're on the move will make car rides, meals and all other outdoor escapades much more enjoyable. To become parents does not have to mean the end of your wanderlust, and if travelling makes you happy, then you have to do it. To buy a new baby is a big job!

The Top 10 Multiples Must-Haves | Useful Checklists | Twin Tips | Resource Center

Do you expect twin children, triple children or more or are you already bringing up several newborns? Novice twin and multiplier mothers have a great deal to do juggling and therefore it is very important to know the useful tools and necessary gear that will really help in the daily care and education of twin, triple or even quadruplet mothers!

Indispensable set for Gemini & Multiples: If you are fortunate enough to have Gemini, Triplet or Quadruplet, or if you have an expansive familiy and need a stroller or baby carriage that is flexibly tailored to your needs, you can have it. There are now toys, double trolleys, three-way Buggies and even special transports for up to six kids!

TwinsUK has an assortment of a wide variety of stroller models including dual stroller, dual buggy, dual stroller and light weight dual stroller. See also our Tips Buggy purchase guide for more help choosing the right stroller for you and your duet or three! Gemini feed pillows: TwinsUK offers these life savers in our best-selling Harmony Duos series, which include the award-winning Zwins Wellness Wedges, Zwins Pregnancy Wedges and Zwins Changing Mat.

Our new and enhanced breastfeeding pillow, the HARMY DUO TUDIN'S breastfeeding and bottle pad, works in complete harmony with you and your babies to give you the best possible care experiences. Join our Tipson Gemini Resource Centre for breastfeeding, bottle nourishment and breast milk expression. Double baby carrier:

One more must have its own gear - a baby pair is essential for employed and working mothers and fathers of doubles. Weego' Baby carriers are designed for use with baby carriers in the first few month of pregnancy and allow you to wear both pairs together. Big diaper bags:

Never mind the shabby diaper bag without room! While our assortments vary quite often (no wordplay intended!), you can be sure that they all have to stand our test to be big enough for twin or triplet babies. We have different style options such as great style hospital and shoulder cases for getting up and going backpacks as well as a large range of large diaper cases.

Take a look at the complete assortment under Change Us in our on-line store and don't miss to read our twin tips for our Hospital Bag Checklist and Diaper Bag Checklist. Dual breastpump: It is an absolutely necessary if you plan to produce mother's milk for your twin or triplet. Since you will be giving birth to every 2-3 hrs of twin (all multiples) in the first few month, you will need a shock pumps!

Feed your twins' breast milk is the best way to get them started, and although it's not always possible to breast-feed them, dual pumps give you the best of both worlds...important food for your twins and highly effective pumps for home or travel! We choose the Ardo Calypso-To-Go breastpump or the Medela Freestyle dual pump, both available in one of our Express Yourself TwinKits, which contains a dual pillow and two dual diaries to keep you up to date for the first 6 month.

You' ll need to have your gear up and running, and our Close to nature TwinKit is specifically engineered to give you the indispensable kits you need to nourish your babies. Keep abreast of your babies, diaper changes, medication, sleep and other important information with these easy-to-use, twin-mother-designed day plans for you and your babies only!

Daily Food Diary and Weaning Guide for Twins et Doubles Daycare Daily Childcare Diary and Development Guide for Twins. There are also dual and triple diary packages for multi-buy specials. A new feature for pregnant women of multiple is Twin Pregnancy Diary and Guide.

Changing diapers is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Gemini & Triple Safety Catch As your Gemini (or Triple) grows and gets on its feet, your enjoyment really begins! Bridles are intended for use from about 12-15m month when your child is firmly on its legs and operational.

Bridles are special developed seatbelts for Gemini (or Triple), which give you security when you are out and about with your Gemini children, be it strolling, in the garden, getting in and out, cross the street or going to the store, these bridles keep your Gemini near you and protect them from injuries.

Redesigned by our expert team, manufactured in the UK and approved by Gemini parenting, these are award-winning Gemini Reins. Multiple instructions for books: Join the TwinsUK Book Department for a great variety of TwinsUK titles and guidelines on maternity, childbirth, and the nurturing and education of babies, threesomes, and more as they evolve into interesting and vibrant kids!

There are also children's children's literature with two themes that can be read by everyone. Our team of expert consultants includes all our highly skilled mother doubles and brothers and sisters who have a wealth of experience and are always ready to help - we know how frightening it can be!

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