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Top 10 baby products for new mum and dad There are many products in our times that say they provide you with the whole earth. If you take it from someone who was there, who is done and pulled into a larger home to carry the burden - not every new  product is all as life-changing as it pretends to be. Each baby is different and therefore reacts differently to its environment - just because your cousin likes Classic FM doesn't mean that your niece will be sleeping through the nights while she hears it, for example.

Nothing and nobody can give you an endless 12-hour nights warranty, but there are some real products that will make your baby safer to live with a new baby, and here we just divide some of them. A lot of new mom and dad are swearing by the strength of the Sleepyhead Baby iPod.

You can wash all fabrics in the washing machines so that they can be carried with all the other items you need to carry, and you can also get an accessory such as a play pole. It is a true back and room saving solution that combines the diaper changer, the bathroom and the safe. It offers a place for new babies to wrap their baby securely, keep their belongings and take a dip in them, thanks to the concealed bathroom concealed under the cushioned diaper top, in the tightest of places.

It can be easily detached, but also has a practical drain hose. Perfect for anyone with a small en-suite room, it means an end to pushing down the side of the restroom every night or trying to put a baby tub in the bottom of the showers. Toy, diapers, hand Towels and accessoires go under the dress and make cleaning up after the little one a piece of cake.

With all the hissing, swinging and pounding that the baby can hear in the mother's womb, the sounds of stillness in the physical realm can actually limit her sleepiness. 10-minute intervals mean when your baby falls asleep, the gro-hush doesn't run all day, but when they need a few more minute, it's just a touch of a switch away.

It' s wearable and discrete, and adjusted to a level that is secure for your baby, but does not bother others, so it can be used on the go. The bathing season is full of joy with a neonate, but two hand - or even four - is never enough.

The baby will save you soaking wet, leave you two free hand to raise the baby out of the bathtub, and they will get a nice cuddle at the end of everything. There are so many different baby-gyms available on the open air it can be a true mine field to find the right one.

There are four different modes: layout and playback (for all ages), belly timing, seat and playback (for infants who can seat themselves) and take-along for older kids. Featuring the finest felt available, the quilt can easily be joined with a zipper to create a stable but supple cradle for your little one that keeps out cold and noises.

The baby sling is a life saver in many ways. It can be used by newborns up to 15 kg and is ideal for picky babies who just don't want to be discarded. Whilst everyone is warning you that there won't be much sleeping in the first few nights, they aren't telling you that you may have to fight your baby for a few short moments with your eyes closed at the right age.

It can be difficult to let your baby rest in his own beds, from a refusal to go to sleep somewhere outside your breast to challenging feeding twice an hours. With detachable cuffs, it means that once your baby is big enough to turn around, it can zip up for easy closure, which increases his mobility and offers a basic 0.5 ton sleeveless instead.

While it may take a while for your baby to be prepared to actively participate in a baby studio, it is a must to sit anywhere from the very first morning. It' lightweight and lightweight to carry, so you can take it with you when you visit family members with less than baby-friendly flooring, it' softer enough for roll and crawl exercises and fully machine-washable - just take off the rear view first.

So many baby accessoires are on sale these days it can be a true mine field for sleepless, stressful parent ing or panic prenatal, but the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Baby Pod is a great choice because it is so many-sided. The Amawrap is a great way to go out with the baby and share and discover the great outdoors, because living with a baby is not just about their habits.

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