New Baby Sale Items

Novel Baby Sales Items

Giant mothercare sale for baby and infant products - some of them from half the purchase on. Getting a new baby is probably one of the luckiest things in your whole being. It is therefore not a surprise that a large sale by one of the most beloved baby products makes, Mothercare, meets with great interest. So, if you urgently need a new baby or buggy, here is our selection of the best mother-hospital bargains:

Easily mounted, this rear-facing and forward-facing auto chair is designed for newborns and can usually be used up to a weight of 18 kg, which is usually four years old. There is a spacious high back rest seating area for growers and a living surface. Recommended for up to 25 kg of weight.

Recommended for infants from childbirth up to 15 kg - about 24 month. You' ll never have to be concerned that your baby is going to sleep with this babyphone, which has been cut to £69.99.

Reseller NNS Register Your NNS FAQs

When' s the next sale? 14:30-16 Saturday, 6 October 2018 at Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge. What is the Fast New Sale? Collects all the items that remain at the end of the working days. Sales volonteers size and list the items for vendors, and if you are a vendor, you don't have to be present at the sale.

By using your vendor number on the article tag, we know the value of your items purchased and promptly post a check for your revenue. What can I do to resell my items? Sign up to yourselves to yourselves on this Website to yours! We' ll email you a sales package with full sales instruction and tags to fill out and append to your sales items.

Take your items to Cambridge Regional College in the mornings of sale, where our staff will arrange and sell them. It is open to the general public from 14:30-16. Once sold, our voluntaries will rearrange the items left for each vendor into pouches. You' ll be back later in the day to pick up your things.

You will get a check for 70% of the total selling amount within a period of one months, NCT will get a 30% premium (plus the 5 pound vendor entry fee) used for the work of the organisation which supports and prepares community mothers and fathers for giving life and early parenting. Remember that you do NOT have to be present at the sale.

What time do I sign up to be a salesman? Registering is possible immediately and is available until all seats are occupied, or until 2 week before the sale, whichever comes later. How much does the vendor enrolment fee amount? 5 euros that have been payed as part of the vendor enrolment.

Once you have signed up and payed 5, you will be sent a seller's package by e-mail giving you full sales directions and labelling that you can use at the cost of your items. How can I buy? Neat, high-quality items such as baby and children's clothing, games, gear and reading materials can be purchased.

Following articles can be purchased if they comply with the requirements: "Vented " mats are not for sale. Can''t buy what? The following items will not be purchased to help NCT, our vendors and our clients protect: What can I buy? When this is your first sale, there is no limit to the number of items you can resell.

When you have already resold, you are restricted to: an indefinite number of other salable items. Remember these limitations when it comes to your second or following sale - we retain the right to limit the number of items that will be shipped that particular date. You get 70% of the sales value for all your items that are selling.

The NCT receives a 30% provision (plus the 5 vendor enrolment fee) used for the work of the non-profit organisation which supports and prepares mothers and fathers for childbirth and early parenting. How much should I put on my items? No " rule " - the cost will depend on how much a salesman wants to buy an article and how much he appreciates it.

Note that you will get 70% of the total amount of items purchased, the other 30% will go to NCT. So what happens on the sales date? You will get complete instruction in your seller's package, but only briefly: Take your marked items to Cambridge Regional College between 8:45am and 10am. You will be booked in by our sales co-ordinator and our assistants will arrange your items on tracks and desks for sale.

Sales will take place from 14:30-16, after which all items left for each retailer will be repacked into pouches. They will then return to Cambridge Regional College at the date specified in your seller's package to pick up these items. Will salespeople get an early start to the sale? If you want to sign up voluntarily on the date of the sale, you can do so by sending an email to

We always welcome new volonteers - without our volonteers we could not carry out the sale and therefore thank them with a pre-sale previewshop. Members of NCTS can join the sale at 14.00 hrs. If you do not collect your items, we retain the right to raise the provision on your items to 40%.

Items not collected will be given to charities in the weeks following the sale. How soon will I receive my revenue from the sale? They will be payed via BACS (if you have provided your banking details) or a check will be sent to you within one months of the sale.

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