New Baby Store

A new babyshop

What could be better than the birth of a new baby! The Borussia Dortmund Kits, exclusive fashion clothing and unique souvenirs | Super fast worldwide delivery from the official shop. branch finder Four CBS training leaders work full-time in business to help our clients. A free breastfeeding consultation every Wednesday between 1am and 3pm. Weighing scales available at any moment!

Provides tailor-made Tula taps! Qualified baby carrier advisor, BCIA member, personalised in-store service, free on-site deliveries. In the shop we regularly sell baby carrier demos and have 8 baby carrier sessions.

Workshop and counselling by a professional baby carrying instructor. Comprehensive advice from a professional lifting belt advisor. Fitting, trial fitting patterns, expert personnel and baby carrying groups that we help. Certificated baby carrying advisor available. Skilled baby carrying educator who offers free equipment with the possibility of buying a baby stretcher. Baby Nola Co., s. r. o. We provide assistance in breastfeeding and accounting of breastpumps.

Breastfeeding assistance and accounting for breastpumps. On-site baby sling guru! Send Mommy & Baby too! Certificated child passenger safety technicians in the personnel area as well as certificated breastfeeding bra-fitters and baby carrying specialists! Layer/ Layer away, trials and fits straps. Provides instruction on the use of baby carriages.

Accredited baby carrier trainer in the personnel area. Fittings by a qualified baby carrier pedagogue.

New baby cards from at least 1999p in stores

Select from our list of news or select one of our favorite verse to tell them exactly how lucky you are for them in a truly attentive way. In addition to the excellent message we write, we also design and manufacture each and every one of our in-store maps - many of them by crafts!

This means not only that we can share the cost of your money with you, but you also get a map with lots of little extra features that make breathtaking maps. We will even mail your personalized map directly to the proud new parent! Available in store gift items and customised gift items, with gift items available from just 1.99 so you can select something to suit your needs.

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