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Babynames in England and Wales

In 2017, Oliver remains the most beloved first name for babies in England and Wales, a post that has been occupied since 2013; Harry and George have been in second and third place since 2016. In 2017, olive oil was the most beloved first name for a girl, a title that had been occupied since 2016; Amelia stayed second and Isla third.

Lego superseded Thomas in the Top 10 for Boy, time Hunter and Ralph superseded Aaron and Jasper in the Top 100 in 2017. While Poppy superseded Jessica in the top 10 for girl, Aurora, Orla, Edith, Bonnie, Lyla and Hallie superseded Lexi, Zoe, Maddison, Sarah, Felicity and Lydia in the top 100 in 2017.

The majority of the top 10 baby tops of 2007 have decreased in popularity, all with the name Thomas, Daniel, Rubin, Grace, Jessica and Chloe all having at least 50% fewer baby in 2017 than they were 10 years earlier. Regional Olivia was the most beloved name for girl in England and Wales in 2017, but for boy Oliver was defeated by Mohammed in London, the West Midlands, and Yorkshire and The Humber, with Harry the most beloved name in the Northeast.

Useful information for the interpretation of these baby name statistics: There were 679,106 living childbirths in England and Wales in 2017. Figure 1 shows the number of different types of baby registrations for boy and girl, as well as the number of baby registrations with a name that appeared only once or twice in 2017.

The baby name data sets contain only those with a number of three or more baby nouns to help preserve the privacy of unusual baby nouns. What were the top 100 top 100 listings in 2017? In 2017 there were two new additions to the top 100 most beloved boy name for England and Wales: Ralph last made it into the top 100 in 1944. This is the first year that Hunter was among the top 100 cubs.

In 2017 there were six new top 100 girl tops in England and Wales: It is the first Top 100 girl name entry for everyone except Edith, who was in the Top 100 for the last time in 1934. You can use our interactivity graph in Fig. 1 to see how the top 100 boy and girl name changes between 1904 and 2017.

The top 100 boys' and girls' 2017 surnames are also available for England and Wales in our separate records. What do the top 10 top 10 brands look like in 2017 compared to 2007? Top 10 England and Wales 2017 top 10 nominations and changes in ranking since 2007 for boy and girl are shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

In 2007, four of the ten most beloved boys' top 10 in 2017: Oliver, Harry, Jack and Charlie. In comparison to 2007, Noah, Leo and Oscar from the Top 10 2017 made the strongest gains (plus 46, 36 and 33 places respectively in the rankings). Daniel recorded the biggest decline with 26 places in the ranking since he was in the top 10 in 2007.

Out of the 10 most beloved maiden titles in 2017, five were in the top 10 in 2007: In comparison to 2007, Isla and Ava (+62 and +34 places respectively in the rankings) were the largest gains in population for these top 10 in 2017.

Chloe's biggest decline in popularity since inclusion in the top 10 in 2007 was for Chloe (minus 25 ranks). In 2017 Oliver was the name of the best baby in five of England's nine areas and the name of the best baby in Wales, according to the mother's habitual place of birth.

Mohammed took first place in Yorkshire and The Humber, the West Midlands and London, followed by Oliver in second place. Harry led in the northeast, followed by Oliver. In all nine English and Wales areas Olivia was the name of the best girl, followed by Amelia in all except the Southwest, where Isla took second place.

Among the top municipal baby name communities, there are much greater differences; in 2017, Oliver was the top boy name in only 36% of municipalities, while Olivia was the top girl name in 49% of municipalities. It is the first statistic on baby naming in England and Wales that has been released annually for 2017.

The baby name stats are based on the definitive yearly birth record dates and show all living deliveries taking place in England and Wales during the respective year, but contain only a very small number of delayed notifications. A minimum of automatic processing is carried out for the name. Details on the treatments used can be found in our information on baby name qualities and methods.

For England and its region and for Wales, baby name stats are calculated on the basis of the mother's normal place of habitual abode rather than where the baby was born. Childbirths for which the baby's name was not specified (three male and eight female in record 2017) were eliminated from all ranking lists.

Childbirths where the mother's normal place of birth was not in England and Wales or was not specified (65 male and 71 female in record 2017) were disqualified from the regular ranking and from the individual ranking of England and Wales. Babyname sites and those that make and resell designated items such as gift cups also use the information.

Baby name information contains important information about baby naming methods and information about baby quality: For more information on fertility dataset information, laws and practices, and a terminology glossier, please refer to our user manual on fertility stats. Revision guidelines for demographic variables (including baby name statistics) are available.

Babynames with a number of two or less in England and Wales as a whole are not contained in the records posted to help safeguard the privacy of people.

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