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Baby gear, toy and clothes are purchased in good state. Baby gear, toy and clothes are purchased in good state. Bigger articles we buy on commision base. Rate schedules are available on demand. Complimentary deliveries locally for bigger articles, we can also pick you up if you have many high quality articles.


The buyer was apprehended for beating a neonate after confusing her with a dummy game.

Elsie Duckers, five days old, was in her baby carriage when she was spoken to by a man who was listening to pals: And then he said he thought the baby wasn't genuine and was a game. Seven years after the event, the child was admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester for treatment. "Can' believe it - especially since it was on a five-day-old baby.

It' the first I ever took Elsie since she was born. Said he had the baby slaughtered. Don't want anyone ever touching Elsie again. Well, I can' understand why anyone would do something like that. "Mrs. Duckers and her wife were on Monday night going grocery shopping for their supper when they saw a neighbor who was working there.

The anger began when the neighbor phoned a girlfriend who had been buying with her man - and when she did, the man went over and slapped Elsie in the face. "and we were just bewildered at first," said Mrs. Duckers.

"Then he began to deny that something had gone wrong, despite the tears of the babies and the traces on Elsie's face, and I just became hysterical and asked what he had just done, why he had been hurting my baby. and said he thought Elsie was just a puppet. "All I wanted to do was get my baby examined and get my two babies away from that bad man, so I walked out.

And while I was calling an ambulance, they were calling the cops to take care of the man. "Elsie was rush to Wythenshawe Hospital and arrived around 9 p.m. and was held until 4 a.m. the next Tuesday. said the Greater Manchester police: "One man was apprehended on charges of attacking a baby.

LAPD was contacted just before 6:00. "This little maiden was taken to prison as a preventive measure and has been released ever since. 63-year-old was detained on charges of personal injury and is currently in detention, interrogated by officials."

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