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Anne Newborns

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Newborn Anne is a doll that was developed for skill development in reanimation. Featuring anatomic precision and design characteristics focused on focusing on the vital, resuscitated abilities needed in the first ten moments of a newborn's lifetime, Newborn Anne fulfills the core requirements of all neo-monthly hospital exercise plans. Advantages of the product:

Educationally relevant, so that special neo-natal reanimation abilities can be imparted either singly or in conjunction with other abilities. Genuine anatomic land marks and a long-lasting styling emulate a full-fledged feminine newborn. The lightweight and wearable construction allows the newborn Anne to be very transportable and use it in different hospital environments. The newborn Anne is simple to use and has been conceived to be incorporated into all your newborn exercise plans.

Newborn Anne was developed specifically for the Newborn Sim NewB platforms and has menikin capabilities that are clinical enough to help develop your ability to train for survival. Characteristics: Neugeborene Anne exactly one full concept (40 weeks), 50% Perzentil newborn, measures 21 inch and weighs 7 pounds. Respiratory tract is engineered to provide exercise in all facets of newborn respiratory tract control, using overpressure breathing apparatus and placing ET tubing and the LMA.

The newborn Anne has IO entrance in both feet. Kongenital Anomaly KitThe Kongenital Anomaly Kit is designed to provide extra study options with Newborn Anne and SimNewB and is ideally suited to meet the specific needs of newborns who have been conceived with abnormal congenitalities.

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