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Crayford, my little star boutique. Tula baby carrier with ergonomics Bliss Bouquet is a perfect balance between female elegance and a vibrant lifestyle and is an immediate classics. The Bliss Bouquet features abundantly detailled floral motifs against a sky-red background, accentuated with funny polar spot upholstery and bright grey linen. The Bliss Bouquet lends your everyday cuddly adventure subtile sheen. You are not sure which provider is best for you?

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During these 9 month of gestation your whole physique will undergo dramatic changes. In addition, your baby will be growing amazingly fast in the first year of age. A newborn time axis (over 12 months) or..... I' ll take your picture and create a time line during your gestation. About every 4 week I come and take a minifoto of you (and/or your spouse and all older children) leading to 6 to 8 wonderful time axis pictures of about 8 week holding your baby in your arm!

If you choose this alternative, you will also get a pregnancy boost (approx. 36 weeks) and a newborn boost (approx. 6 day old). So, how about a valuable time line for the first 12 moths of your baby's lifetime? Beginning with a motherhood shooting (about 36 weeks), followed by a newborn shooting (about 6 nights old) and then every following week, I'll be documenting the small changes that occur in the first year of your child's existence, from childbirth to your little one who's at his own pie smoash shooting for a year!

And for those of you who really want to hold on to all this magic period in your life, there is the opportunity to participate in both motherhood and newborn times. The best value for money, with around 21 month of committed photographic work that records all small changes from early gestation to one year of age.

A big advantage of my boutique baby plans is that you can make simple payments instead of paying all at once. Rates begin at 600 and can be purchased at only 50 pounds per months. If for example you wanted to do the entire time line with motherhood and newborns, the full cost should be £1,400 (£600 + £800).

For the combination of the two time axes, however, I offer an excuse as a thank you: the two time axes together would just be £1,200 (a £200 discount). For example, if you take the settlement schedule, you would be paying 50 per month (for 24 months) and 200 pounds (a rebate of 200 pounds!).

But if you have prepaid the full amount in advance, you will get a FURTHER rebate - and will only be paying 999 at the moment of your reservation - and that's IT! If you want to know more about my Boutique Baby program, please check out this article in my blogs.

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