Newborn Baby Boy Clothes Polo

Baby Newborn Boy Clothes Polo

Blue BOSS Baby Boys Polo Top with badge. Knitted pure cotton polo bodysuit. Boys mini light brown polo shirt with lattice pattern.

Kidswear Ralph Lauren | Girls & Boy

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baby-boy body suits

A must for your child's first outfit, this affordable package of two elegant polo wetsuits is ideal for wear and wash. Offering you value, versatility and a comfortable fit, this two-sleeved package will help you choose your child's first clothes. Every garment is engineered for comfortable and easy use, and the elegant polo shirts will make you look stunning.

As your baby dresses or changes, the nickel-free pepper makes your baby's job much simpler and prevents the baby's sensitive flesh from being annoyed. Manufactured from 100% smooth cottons, these mini suit bodies will keep your baby feeling great all the time. This small embroidered detail is backed with cloth to avoid irritations of the baby skins.

Don't forget...We have high-quality pants and short sleeves made of smooth jeim that can be combined with these body suits.

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