Newborn Baby Boy first Outfit

Neonatal baby boy first outfit

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Babies saved ALONE in China | World | News

It is the unbelievable moments when a newborn baby maid survives and is washed into a college bathroom by her studying mom, who escaped after being born. Then it was a hectic run against the clock to free the abandoned baby as firefighters hurried to the Linyi dorm in the East Chinese province of Shandong.

Tao Fang, fire spokesperson, described the surprising moments when they found the newborn on the line - clearly still living from all the racket she made. "There was no way we could get the baby out from above. It fell into the bathroom and went down the tubes where it had got caught between the third and forth floor.

WangLo34, a Chinese users on China's favorite community website Weibo, said: "A young lady giving birth in the bathroom, tidying herself up and returning to her room to study a particularly alarming young lady and a symbol of the kind of disposable community in which we are living today."

It is worrying that this is not the first occasion that a newborn is washed down the toilet - in May last year a newborn had to be saved from a sewer in China after her 22-year-old dam tried to conceal her baby after a one-night-stall. Surprisingly, the little boy endured the torture.

and disposed of in the infirmary.

Those shock images show a newborn baby who was severely struck by an unidentified perpetrator and disposed of in front of a local clinic. He was found by the personnel in the clinic around 10 p.m. and taken to ICU. Schocked physicians found him to have a traumatic brain injury and multiple contusions.

Baby was treated while clinic personnel told cops about the event. They opened legal proceedings and are looking for the newborn's family.

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