Newborn Baby Cosmetics

Baby cosmetics for newborns

With a wide range of baby cleaning and skin care products to choose from, parents are often confused about what to use and when. Discover the full range of La Roche-Posay baby skincare products, including Baby Lotion & Body Wash for your little ones.

La Roche-Posay Baby Skin Care Products

Microspray for calming and refreshing baby skins. Moisturizing and calming balsam for baby with dehydrated skins. Can also be used on skins at risk of developing dermatitis. A particularly careful laundry for dehydrated skins, suited for the whole familiy and baby from the first moment of age. Can also be used on skins at risk of developing dermatitis.

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Baby Care | Burt's Bees UK

Being a new or expectant mother, we know that your primary goal is to keep your baby fit, well, and safe. Therefore, when you use our organic baby food you can be confident that you are giving your baby the best. Do you know how sensitive babies' skins really are? Also, since the biggest part of the body is the epidermis and takes what we put on it, we have to take particular attention to it - for your baby and for you.

Check out the Naturally Baby Care movie to see how simple it is to eat the way you want to. You will never see anything we make with phtalates, parabenes, petrolatum, SLS or even aldehyde release additives, because we know it is not the best for your baby's sensitive skins. Instead, we use naturally occurring substances.

All our creations are made with 100% pure scents. Even this celestial " baby odour " is quite normal! All of these components are found in our Baby Bee® line because they are safely, mildly nourishing and of course beneficial. As we know, we have a duty not only to you, but also to the most important individual in your life - your baby.

For more information about the active ingredient we use in Burt's Bees product, read our guide to nutrition. In between the feeding "Seriously, I have fallen asleep again", five whole day without showering and baby cuddling there is not much free space to prepare your own baby pack.

Our production is the way you want it to be - with easy, naturally flavoured additives and lots of loving care. The Baby Bee essential is the ideal way to care for her from the tip of her neck to her 10 minute toe. Detergents and detergents make bathing an entertaining adventure for you and your baby.

This nappy cream is the ideal calming agent for a non-soothing nappy condition. See what we mean by watching the following video's and buying our complete Baby Bee® line. Burt's Bees is happy to help you take good care of your baby, but we don't want to let you know that mothers also need to be naturally pampered!

The Mama Bee® line of products is ideal for supporting and caring for your baby's delicate complexion during its nine-month wear. Stay naturally. Fifteen avoidable additives. Keep in mind that your baby's baby's epidermis is not only vulnerable to the clothing he or she will wear, but also to the clothing you will wear when you cuddle.

For all the nappy changes and general cleansing, baby does not need to take a bath every day that tends to dry their sensitive skins. Only make sure to place your baby on something that can be washed. It works in a natural way to keep humidity away from the epidermis. Perfume-free fragrances are the best choice for those days when only cloths are enough.

Visit our complete Baby Bee® line of products.

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