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A new baby, new stains. Get out of here.

We all know that dairy is the basic diet for newborns. Breastmilk or formula breastmilk, it is unavoidable that there will be spots on the surface of the blood. No matter if it is a spill or an unavoidable drop, you can be sure that these spots will be there.

Sometimes, however, an accident can happen outside the diaper, which leaves spots of water or feces on a towel, clothing or other item of clothing. Don't be afraid, it's perfectly normal and thanks to Vanish's spot remover product these spots can be removed in no time at all! There are a number of items you may need to use from on occasion to help your baby's baby's complexion.

Baby oils, anti-septic creams and Vaseline can work miracles on the scalp, but they can stain clothing. When using the product after bathing or changing, let it tumble dry before you put on your baby's clothing. If your baby begins to eat solid matter, things get dirty! It is a good suggestion to have a pack of baby tissues ready to hand to eliminate spilled material before it leaves a stain.

Like the saying goes, there's no reason to cry over spilt milks, and Vanish approves. Lightly clean away milky spots with Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder. Follow the directions on the packaging, water it before putting it in the washer with an extra 60 ml Vanish. Vanish gives you one less thing to worry about with its quick working and efficient spot removing product.

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