Newborn Baby Girl List

Neonatal Baby Girls List

The Top Girls Names - Find the perfect name for your baby Chosing a baby girl's name is a funny and thrilling experience and with tens of thousand of names available to pick from, it's good to have a way to limit your selection and help you find the right one for you. Keep in mind, for the complete list of top girl baby name, take a look at the complete list of top girl baby name.

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When we begin with the top 10, there are often little changes from year to year with maiden name and last year it was no different. Amelia and Olivia keep their top 2 places as in the top girl list of 2017, but third place this year is Isla, who sneaked up a place to take Emily to fourth place.

Old Lady' nicknames are still loved and this year it is old-fashioned nicknames like Ivy to 14 places to 21, followed by Elsieup to 31 and Maisie to 7 places to 42 that stimulate the fantasies of new mothers and fathers.

Isla is a "trend name", which has experienced a rapid ascent in the last ten years and is now the third most beloved name for young women in Great Britain. Avaat 5, Sophiaat 8, Evieat 13 and Ruby at the age of 23 (although the name reached number 4 in 2010) are other top 100 companies that were not even listed in the top 100 in 2000 but are making a name for themselves today.

Others that break into the top 100 and show a significant increase in population are Iris, who broke into the top 100 (up to 6 places at 96) and Clara (up to 10 places at 98). The recently beloved and nervous old woman's name Esmeis has dropped by 10 places to 36 and Eva by 9 places to 37. Scarlettwas was once considered a trendy name, having gained glory thanks to the Four Weddings, and a burial nature will also fall in 2018, dropping by 7 places to 28.

Zoew, which is to be eliminated from the Top 100 in 2018, is Zoew, which will lose 11 places at 97 and the beloved Maddison 15 places at 99. Megan also only holds in the Top 100 at 100, but is a staggering 19 places lower than last year. When you are still attached to a name, use our baby name research to determine origin, meaning, and possible brother or sister name.

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