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Shopping for newborns

A shopping list for a newborn! A great source of information when compiling a shopping list for a newborn. It can be difficult to know exactly what to buy when you are expecting a baby; from car seats to shells to nursing pads, the list is endless. Here is an overview of the most important things to help you with your shopping list.

Neugeborene Baby Essentials: Newborn shopping check list

The preparation for your new arrivals can seem like a deterrent (and expensive!) sight, especially if this is your first baby. This is our newborn check listing to give you a one-stop shopping experience that ensures you have everything you need when your baby shows up.

Frugi's beautiful body suits are available in light, funny styles. Just like waistcoats, body suits are carried over diapers and under all-in-one pyjamas. The Palm is a seaside marvel of Atlantis, covering a vast 46 hectare area with unparalleled amenities, dining and a marine park. Situated on a slope with a spectacular view of Spinalonga, this luxury, family-friendly resort offers first-class services, first-class dining, a blue-marked sand shore and a neat and tidy resort.

The things you should put on your newborn shopping lists

It can be difficult to know exactly what to buy when you are pregnant; from sitting in a chair in a car to shells and nursing pills, the lists are long. We' ve asked some of our MORI Instagram Community members what three things they could not have done as new members without, and here are their key points.....

Sleepy cap, kimono bodysuits specially designed for newborn babies and tonnes of fresh soap! Musselin wrap covers, jumping seats and Baby Jogger City Select prams! Sleep head, baby Björn bouncer and a whispering engine. Muslins, the Purflo and a baby sling! No! Baby Björn straps and Moba nativity scene! Yoyo baby stroller (best buy ever!), baby sleeping bags and many chest upholstery!

Geldspartipps for baby shopping

Take a look at these top hints to save your baby cash and make sense when you buy a new baby - all from a parent who's been through it and knows exactly where the cash can be saved...? Explore the 10 least useful baby articles to which ones? A few new mom and dad spent over 10,000 pounds (including childcare) in their baby's first year, but many of us do it for much less.

Bumdeal's comparative pricing website says you could be saving up to 11 a pound a week on diapers by shopping now. In England and Wales, a parent spends about half a billion euros a year on diapers, but could potentially cut costs by more than 150 euros by using re-usable diapers, according to an estimate by the genuine diaper information agency Go Royal.

Re-usable diapers are not suitable for everyone, and some like to use a mix of re-usable and discardable diapers, which has an effect on saving costs.

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