Newborn Boy Fashion

Neonatal boys fashion

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Boys Clothing & Fashion

Babyset with playsuit, bib and cap. Distinguished by stripey skirt and skirt motifs, "rugby" motifs and sky-blue sleeve. Boy's pique polar-shirt with a yellow stripe neck and multicoloured front printing. Milano Bermuda stitches for babies with plaid back, front pocket and elasticated waist.

Rosa shersey T-shirt of the little toddler with small chiffon coloured chiffon sleeve and macros on the front. Rosa llycra babe girls bathing suit with multicoloured makro pompon-printing. Hooded rose coloured hooded pullover for girls. Girls pale rose blouse with ruffles at the bottom. Babies' leg jerseys with all-round kirsch printing on a rose back and ruffles at the hem.

Babyset with toy dress, bib and cap. Lower part of the playing costume is made of rose coloured shirt and top part is made of black cotton. Rosa and babyset made up of rose coloured toy jumpsuit, hood and bib with stripe in the lower part and a multicoloured all-over printing on the back.

Light beige-white babyset composed of rose coloured play suit, hood and bib with stripe in the lower part and an allover multicoloured printing on the back.... Kindergarten set for babies with play suit, cap and bib. Top part of the play suit and sole of rose and stripey leotard with rose coarse grain.....

Wool jumpsuit and ice cream kits, the play suit is equipped with a lower part of ivory- and beige coloured pinkin stripe and an top part of smooth egg white.....

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