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Come to us on November 21 to learn more about our classes, grants and financing for students at the Lancaster Group. Times and Sunday Times League Table 2019 places Language School in third place in the UK for graduates' job opportunities. It is also the best placed northern college. Daisy Johnson, graduated from Adobe Emeritus Academy in New York, is the youngest ever Booker Prize finisher for her first novel Everything Under.

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The judge, who sentenced fragile demonstrators with "excessive" punishment, has familial ties to the petroleum and natural gas company.

There is a magistrate who has been criticized for imposing jail terms on three questionable demonstrators and has familial connections with the petroleum and natural-gas industry. Judges Robert Altham sentenced Simon Blevins, 26, Richard Roberts, 36, and Richard Loizou, 31, for their demonstrations at a Cuadrilla site. Known as the "Fracking Three," the threesome was the first conservation activist to be arrested for harassment since 1932.

The Daily Mirror can now tell that the Altham company is supplying the Irish Sea petroleum and natural-gas industry. J.C. Altham and Sons is part of the Centrica power giant's delivery network, which has spent ten million lbs on fuelcking. Altham Judge Jane Watson, Altham's nurse, put her name in an open envelope in favor of the fracker saying, "It's timely to give slate a chance," claiming it would generate work.

Attorneys for the demonstrators are trying to cancel their punishments. Demonstrators clambered onto the roof of trucks in July 2017, bringing drill rigs to a Cuadrilla fracture site in Little Plumpton, Lancashire. Judges John and Linda's mothers, 86 and 84, are directors of J.C. Altham & Sons.

Jane, 54, is the general manager of the company, which provides the ship's supply of groceries, tooling, rigging and clothing. Centrica, the British gas company that has invested ten million lbs in the Cuadrilla fracing company, owns three platforms in the Ostir Sea near Altham's Heysham, Lancs site.

By 2015, Jane's name and that of her company appear on an open envelope supported by 119 companies. It was run by the North West Energy Task Force, which reportedly benefited from funding from Cuadrilla and Centrica.

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