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The New Season Baby Girl Clothes. Homepage / Baby Girl Tops & Shirts. Frilly collar girl's shirt (dusty pink).

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I have 1 big 3-6 month pouch of clothes to buy everything for 10, and 2 6-9 month pouches of clothes to buy for 15, from my electrical technician to my chief cook, from my maintenance assistent to my mate. The clothing ranges from 9-36 month could be higher, some stains on the ribbons of higher ! small bundles of little girl clothing.

Sets of chosen garments, all with branding, inclusive babysatch, rope etc. Romper in photo 2 from independant german design. Scarcely carried and very sweet. This is a mixture of girl's clothes for babies, consisting of T-shirts, Leggings, Wax, Cardigans and clothes.

Everything cleaned, but not pressed - sorry! little girl clothes have ever been carried maybe even not have the place for them. Nice dress package for 2-3 years girl. Large bunch of clothes for a babysitter, many articles.beautiful clothes, some of them were never carried.few articles for 18 month to mostly coats.

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Make your little girl look striking in this 2-piece Leggingset "Beauty". Pointy, sequined, bow - what more does your little girl want in this lovely outfit? Little Lady's stylish buffer cardigan is perfect for keep ing young ladies comfortable and comfortable, with its elastic sleeves and multicoloured fur-trimmed cap that helps keep away chilly draughts.

A striking young girl's cardigan, from Smooch. Isolated by the Isosoft heat insulation system, there is a removable pushia rose coat trimming, the coat is washerproof. Strampler is a wonderful rose pet with a wonderful little fluffy detail. The hooded is removable with a full rose coat. with removable gloves and legs.

A flashy, glossy rose buffer coat for girl, by Smooch. Isolated by the Isosoft heat insulation system, there is a removable colored coat cover. GIRL WITH CAMERAt' buffer is the perfect silvery coat to keep young women comfortable and cozy. Blackened hoods help keep cool draughts out.

It is thick but light to the touch and also has a removable key ring for bears. Breathtaking two-tone shimmering rose-sequinnetted dress with ribbons and layered rose net lace. Rose cardigan of this lovely girl has a removable hooded front with removable hem. Coat is washed in a washing machine. Good.

Stocked ** Cosy and light, this Little Lady is isolated from Isosoft insulation. It has a removeable hooded cover with a removeable fleece cover so that the coat can be machine-washed. Never before has such an elegantly styled look been presented as elegantly as on this girl's gown created by Wojcik.

Beautiful & trendy navy salpettes - perfect for the beautiful & trendy cold weather coat.

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