Newborn Girl Clothes Sale

Neonatal girls clothes sale

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The California Wall CCTV shows a man following a young girl before trying to attack her physically.

The Moreno Valley Police Department took him to Robert Presley Detention Center and invited Alvarez for obscene exposition to a teenager. One man seen on safety photographs chasing an infant girl before supposedly trying to hurt her sexually was arrested by the authorities on Thursday. Alvarez is seen on a television videotape with his trousers down as he follows the young girl and her mom at the Rio Rancho Super Mall.

That girl seems to be the size of a small child. At one point, Alvarez got near enough to move the teenager with one of his hands while he was still indecently touching," Moreno Valley police said on Facebook. As soon as the Mom realized the event, she quickly informed the shopping center guards and they were able to arrest Alvarez until the police came.

And Eddie Pugo, the shopping center watchman, was repulsed by the natural environment in which the man abandoned himself. He explained that the infant was "shaken" after the event and added that he "did not know what was going on". Officers got the girl iced. All of Alvarez was taken to the Robert Presley Detention Center and indicted for improper exposition to a teenager.

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