Newborn List

neonatal list

Newborn life support NLS Established in 1999, the Newborn Life Assistance (NLS) course is a standardized nationwide course that provides clear hands-on guidance on respiratory assistance and the theory to demonstrate its importance for newborn reanimation. NLS is supported by trade associations from a number of related fields. Every year an annual total of 300 training sessions are conducted and 6,000 health workers are educated. The NLS course is aimed at all health workers participating in the birth and supervision of the newborn. These include juvenile and seniors as well as nurses, seminarians, paramedics and resuscitators.

Candidates must have a health profession or be in the process of being trained for a health profession. NLS course provides the necessary understanding and skill to: competently address the treatment of a newborn in the first 10-20 min; understanding the process behind apnea, slow cardia and bad birthing; providing hands-on respiratory tract control and ventilation assistance.

NLS course structure classes are conducted in centers throughout the UK and are accredited and certified by the Resuscitation Council (UK). Each candidate is enrolled in the Learning Mangement System (LMS) to gain admission to the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questionnaire) before the course, course assessment and post-course certification. Respiratory Test - The candidate must prove the key capabilities of a newborn's respiratory care and show what to do if early efforts are not successful, both alone and in a group.

Successfully qualified applicants will be awarded a Reuscitation Council (UK) NLS Providers Certification, which will be effective for 4 years. NLS course is accredited for 5 points of CPD. Course manuals are sent to students one and a half months before the course. Applicants are required to have read the handbook and submitted their MCQ prep work before taking the classroom course to prepare for the course.

It is recommended that the candidate completes the MCQ preliminary course without referring to the handbook.

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