Newborn needs

Neonatal needs

The most important needs of your baby are currently feeding, sleeping and calming. It' s important that your newborn lies flat in a buggy so that it can develop healthily overall. 2 ) Touch should give babies a feeling of safety, joy and affection.

2 ) Touch should give babies a feeling of safety, joy and affection. 3 ) Contact with the baby at certain points leads to reflective reactions, according to the area of contact (e.g. caressing the cheeks causes root reflex, contact with the lips causes the suction reflex, contact with the surface of the hands or the hands causes the gripping reflex). b. Vision 1) The child is conscious of the difference in lighting.

2 ) The child has difficulties focussing his or her eyes.c. Listening 1) The child reacts to conversational sounds. Your child's mind needs to be supported by the nurse's hands until it is about 4 month old.

What your newborn needs a lie-flat stroller for.

It' s important that your newborn lies lying down on the floor of a stroller so that it can develop healthily overall. Some strollers on the Danish nursery rug scene do not have 180-degree front wheel seating and are usually marked as fit only after 3 or 6 month. Because it is recognized that a newborn should lay shallow to support its growth.

When your child is wrinkled, respiration may be impaired. Since your baby's last pulmonary function is in the uterus, it is important that your baby's pulmonary function receives every conceivable help after birth. Laying down shallowly supports the growth of the respiratory tract and the respiration of your newborn.

It is also vital for the child's vertebral column to develop, as it promotes vertebral column expansion and strengthens muscular tonus over the years. It also supports the monitoring of your baby's back. If you are laying down on your back, your child will soon be able to discover his or her own hand and foot and even stretch out his or her hand.

Finally, it will motivate your child to watch the motion with his own eye and, when confronted, support the attachment proces. For many strollers that do not have fully adjustable seating, a carrying cot can be used to attach the stroller to the frame so that your child can remain in a lying down post until he or she is old enough to use the stroller seating.

Thus these Buggys can be marked as appropriate from the very beginning. It is important to know that there are differences between Euro and UK standard benchmarks. Thus, for example, a stroller which could be marked as appropriate in Great Britain from the time of delivery could be marked as appropriate in Spain from 6 months onwards.

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