Newborn Shopping List

Shopping list for newborns

Get your fucking hand washed! If you are an experienced lifesaver or someone who has just found an abandoned baby under your patio, we trust you will profit from these useful hints. Care of newborns can be frightening, especially if they are so vulnerable and very prone to bacteria and diseases.

Make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect your palms before and after you hold a newborn cat. Newborns must sleep in bottles every 2-3 hrs (yes, even during the night), so be sure to sound the alarms before going to sleep. Although the kitties are sleeping, they need to be woken up and given food to keep to the timetable.

During the first two week they will only eat very small quantities of breast milk at once, which means that they will have to feed more often. The kitten should be given a formula that is specifically designed for the kitten. It is important that newborns are given additional nutritional substances that are supplied by high-quality dairy products such as those derived from their own breast blood.

At the end of the first two week, cats should be able to walk for eight consecutive nights without being fed. If you are giving your cat a feed, place her on a bath cloth distributed on your knee or on a supporting desk. Once you have opened the kitten's mouths, place the nipples in the bottles while keeping the kitten's heads tight so that the nipples remain in the middle of the kitten's mouths during breast feed.

She is encouraged to suck and not bite on the areola. Once the teat is correctly placed, the kitten's mouth forms a kind of gap around it that allows the kitty to breastfeed correctly. Removing the teat will make a pop - like drawing a corkscrew from a glass of vine - indicating that the cat has breastfed well.

Use a damp towel after breastfeeding to softly clean the baby off the breastfeeding milk that has reached her lips or throat. It may be hard to get the milks removed later if the milks are permitted to drip. It is very important to pat the genitals very softly with a damp piece of wadding after use.

stimulate the cat to pass water and stool. Thin and slightly annoyed, the tissue in the area of the genitals is similar to that of a normal child. Do not use as much as possible - the less chemical, the better for the small and sensitive bodies of your cat. Catkins have a tendency to puke more often than not with their fluid diets, and their faeces are often extremely smooth and the colour of celery.

It is important to keep your cat cleaned as soon as possible if she gets soiled or her bed linen gets soiled. As a newborn man, a newborn kitty will weep and weep when its sheets are damp and filthy (and who can hold it against them)? Always use allergenic or organically produced detergents - such as ivory or phisoderm - when you wash your cat and wipe her off softly.

Using a hair drier adjusted to LESS, keep it far enough away from the kitty so that the heat does not get too high. Don't want a burnt kitty! Ensure that newborn babies are kept beautiful and kept hydrated all the while. Put a cover d hot-water cylinder in the crate or cage with it.

Wasn' no hot-water flask? A further option: Fill a synthetic sport flask or tankard with lukewarm bottled running cold beer and wind it in a cuddly cover. And thank you for taking care of unsheltered newborns!

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