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A lot of baby clubs offer freebies as well as online forums and advice. Worldwide Online Infant carriers that are made available to every mother, regardless of her affluence or backgrounds, are designed to reduce the mortality rate of newborns. Wexford, South Tipperary and Limerick also offer child care in Ireland and the country plans to expand this to all new mothers.

What happens in Wales? The Welsh Finance Minister, Mr Drakeford, started the project at the Little Inspirations daycare centre in Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, with a talk explaining how it is linked to his own policymakers. "Julie Morgan got engaged as a direct outcome of this first gathering [Cardiff North AM] and assisted in further developing the concept.

We know that we are living in a very uneven community in which some homes are able to do and have things without having to think about them, and other homes are struggling to get the most fundamental things they need to give their babies the chance to get started: "The Babies Bundles is an example of how we can put money into this poor children's plan to give kids here in Wales the kind of futures we want for them.

Slightly more than 32,000 infants were delivered in Wales last year. It' s a basic concept, but a very attractive one. This means for the infant that the things it needs for a safe and sound offspring are already in place before delivery. With so many different reasons, the 32,000 infants may not get the best possible off to a good start or come under the same conditions.

Welsh has the highest levels of pauper deprivation in the United Kingdom. Blaenau Gwent babies can survive on an average almost 5 years less than Monmouthshire babies, and the lifespan difference between downtown and the suburbs of Cardiff can be up to 10 years.

Bundling a babe is a straightforward but effective way of making a move. Adopting such a system will give us all cause to be proud of the difference it can make.

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