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.. but it's more online than in the store).

You dragged a lot of clothing into the locker room just to find the right fit for you, the last time you went to the store, it wouldn't fit over your waist. Known as the " Vanityizing ", it may be, but the High Street ploy of undervaluing dresses to make buyers look leaner is leaving most of us behind in frustration rather than flattery.

It asks the woman to input her chest, waist as well as her hips dimensions and then computes which garment sizes to choose from a number of high street dealers, such as Marks & Spencer, Next and Zara. It also proposes which stores are most likely to have something to match so buyers don't have to look for a whistles outfit when Warehouse will provide a better fitting.

Ms Powell-Smith has redesigned the website for smartphones so that the pocket computer can be used by men and woman on the go. They found that Next has the smallest dimensions on High Street, while a ten in Whistles, Zara or Reiss is actually larger than a ten in ASOS, Monsoon or M&S.

For example, a typically 12 inch figure in Reiss is about two centimeters larger at chest, waist und thighs than in Next. A woman with a 28" hip who buys Jaeger clothing would have to choose a ten " dress, but Next would have to choose a 12" dress, while those who buy a 16" dress from Dorothy Perkins are about three feet smaller around the hip than those who choose the same one.

It' easy to have a height of eight in one shop and a height of 14 in another, and it's not possible to tell your height without a lot of zipping wrangles. In Great Britain, a 16 at Jaeger has a 42. 3in breast, a 34. 6in tail and a 44.9in hip. Sizes 16 in the banana republic have a 38th 5in bustline, 30 Waist.

3 inches and 40.5 inch thigh. It is well documentary that in recent years females have grown in size. Surely it is the case that the figure of UK woman has significantly altered over the last 50 years. National Sizing Survey found that the mean width of the breasts increased from 27 to 27. Usually 1. 5in broader at 40.

Five in and the busts went up by the same amount to 38.5 in.

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