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Hello, I have no idea which brand of baby shampoo and baby lotion I should buy for my newborn. Asda baby products. My boyfriend swears by Asda baby products.

Seven baby products that can also be used by adults.

Let us take baby products, for example. Do you know that for just about every baby out there there is another (and probably even better) baby food that has nothing to do with baby? For example, creme for the nipples: So, whether you have a baby and already have these products at hand or just have fun purchasing new things, here's how to use them like an grown-up.

Rather than using dishesapon that is hard and the bristles dry out, use baby-cream. Contains naturally occurring nutrients such as milk enzymes, ethereal oil and carbohydrates to keep hair longer. Shave is important, but if you don't have the right preparation, you will get trapped with a bad shave burning.

Nappy Rinse Creme is enriched with soothing components (such as olives, coir and jojoba oils in this product) to care for the delicate complexion. Extra thick creme (for breast-feeding teat pain) fills chapped lip thanks to heavy contents like joyoba, honey bee, coir essence and sha nutmeg. We know dried zhampoo saves every girl's life.

When you are in a predicament, baby powders work just as well (if not better). The removal of your make-up with the conventional removers can get untidy, so baby cloths are perfect for on the go. These are products we like and we trust you will do the same.

Biological baby products that have been screened for dermatitis.

The Baby & Child series was designed by me because I have been suffering from serious dermatitis since childhood. Just click on a item below to begin your purchase! Bathtub 300 grams 100% Dead Sea with a hint of exalting mandarin ethereal oils and dry blossoms of oranges. The Lemongrass Soap has a refreshing lemongrass scent.

Like all our soaps, it was made by hands from ethereal oils. Then we added dry lemon grass to achieve this additional turn. 220ml Hands and Body, 220ml All Over Lotion, a stack of five soaps and a smooth, supple bio-bamboo face towel. Remember to tell us in the section Note in which fragrance you favor your hands and body.

Unless a selection is made, we will make your present with our best-selling lemongrass hand and body.

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