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Shopping in day nurseries

Explore all the categories you expect and hope to find in a one-stop kindergarten store. This is a kindergarten with everything you need for a new start and for little people. Bunch of lively kindergarten cats?

Please come and see us in our shop.

The day care centre has been conceived to provide future mothers with everything they need to get prepared for the children's first years. Explore all the different types of products you might find and hopefully find in a one-stop kindergarten store. Our experienced nursery staff will help you make sure that this often "overwhelming" process runs as smoothly as possible.

It is the most thrilling period to expect a newborn and it should also be thrilling for your young.

Excellent nursery, delivery and giftshop - Review of Cataldo's Garden & Garden, Littleton, MA

It is a great (but somewhat expensive) nursery with expert personnel, a very good choice of plants and a supply/gift store offering high value articles containing both the basic and slightly different articles. A great place for lawn & garden supplies and home decoration. Nursery school is surprising at this season, with all the blossoming plants in blossom.

Cataldo's Christmas has become a part of the Cataldo families traditions. Fantastic natural produce, good locations, reasonable pricing, everything we want from a nursery. Cataldo's Cataldo's created what is now an encrlave in the center that became a giftshop with some of the most interesting presents. On your way to one-stop shopping, you can buy the right bird food, fertiliser or weedkiller, get tips about a crop that isn't working well and collect your wife's present.

It' s difficult not to give them a good rating because I seem to be spending so much there! You have great off seasons product selling on and the store around Christmas is the very best! Also I buy the retailer kindergarten and they are always very useful and many people who help you recharge the vehicle (or supply the 10 meter mulch).

I' ve always liked Cataldo's. You also have a smaller tree population, which makes it easy to successfully grow without having to hire a lorry to carry the material and machinery to excavate wells. Recently they have added more presents like ceramic, shelves, shuttles, etc. and have become a little more expensive, but I still like shopping there.

Have you been to Cataldo's Gift & Garden?

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