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Children's toys, Preschool toys, Children's toys, Children's toys, Children's toys, Children's toys, Children's toys, Children's toys, Children's toys, Kindergarten toys and plays, Children's toys, Kindergarten toys and plays There is a wide variety of early detection services and primary education teaching materials to suit every need and every household whether it is a kindergarten, preschool, start-up group, playgroup, caregiver or parents. Our worldwide supplier base ensures that our schooling is high value and accessible for the first few years.

Balance tool that is enjoyable and helps to build sensorial assimilation and muscular reaction. Offering a fantastic room to entertain and stimulate your child for long periods of entertainment, our playhouse facilities can even give you some free rein! We' ve collected all our ressources in one place, from the award-winning Dark Dens and their associated sensorial toys to supplies, textiles and stakes to create your own caves.

An amazing array of ressources to help build and sustain fine and gross motor skills. Small kids are learning through introduction and action. is not as easy as it seems. Get your noticed with our amazing choice of instrumental accompaniments that are ideal for kids who live with specific needs, autoimmune, sensorial and auditory disorders.

The partitions for children's rooms are a valuable and varied item of equipment for the first years of life and classrooms in any education environment. You can also use our playpen to provide secure areas for kids to gamble and discover. Go out and indulge in sensual games in the great Outdoors. Our sensorial toy will really get that enthusiasm going with toys that are designed for exercise and pleasure.

Wonderful selection of marionettes that help with emotive and societal abilities and allow a kid to playfully convey emotions. Sands, waters and untidy game equipment for the first few years are ideal to get into the experience game. Check out our wonderful selection of sensorial game inspiration for kids. We have a broad selection of sensorial toys to suit all budgets and needs.

It is an effective way to delight kids with developmental disorders and needs, and our amazing selection of specially tailored musical products is enjoyable, appealing and affordable. The Timer and the Visual are perfect for lessons for children gifted with specific needs. Wood toys are built to last and have a long tradition of endurance that makes them ageless classics.

The Tuff Tray allows fanciful games and activity with clay or mud, from chaotic games to small games - the opportunities are infinite with a Tuff Tray. Observe this Ripple Ribbon Ripple made of flex plastics under ultraviolet lighting. An amazing effect that shines under ultraviolet and looks astonishing.

Serves as a sitting and timepiece, this huge, classy 1-minute hourglass stool! Like a normal timepiece, it is turned to adjust the amount of water and water passing through the machine. Every 1-minute hourglass has been rigorously checked and has a huge, easy-to-view lens that' perfect for use in the schoolroom.

With our beautiful bladder panel you have the perfect place to relax and feel the sensations that you and your kids long for. 80 mm thick, this pad is the ultimative sensorial pleasure - crawling, jumping, resting, playing, sitting or just lying down! This 10-compartment storage organizer offers a wide range of toys, plays and activities-material. They can be placed either flush or at a viewing level as shown, they are detachable and therefore perfect for the storage of toys and other small equipment in the lesson room.

The soccer lamps are perfect for a sleeping room lighting or to be hung in a cave. They' re certainly one of the surest calming lighting choices out there. Serves as a sitting and timepiece, this giant, classy 10-minute long stand-up stool is a perfect fit! Like a normal timepiece, it is turned to adjust the amount of water and water passing through the machine.

Big 10-minute sandglass in 10 colours with shaped endings and thick outlines. Hourglasses are ideal for use in gaming and timed experimentation. It is a diverse tool that can be used for a number of age and curricular areas such as science, PSHE and mathematics. Animals broad meal bags are ideal for the schoolroom, your local libraries or outdoors.

It is a must for preschool and elementary kids whether for games or to inspire young people. With these numbers on the lightbox, kids can acquire a wide range of fundamental skill sets by gambling. You can also use these numbers without the lighting panels. Suited for kids from 3 years.

It is the best way to develop your physical abilities and inspire your creative power. This is the flawless complement to your sensorial area or cave! If placed inside the device, they can be placed either level or toppled. Handmade, high-quality massive wood pillow-carriage. Ideally suited for our round bottom pillow programs (for 12 pillows).

Rugged enough for frequent use in the fitness studio or playing field, great for exercise, great for children to get into the sport. Designed to meet all your warehousing needs, these multi-purpose trays are great for your work. Constructed from long-lasting, chipboard veneer, these machines are rugged and hardwearing, making them the ultimate choise in a bustling classroom setting.

Ranging from straight berries to orange, from tradition to contemporary fungi, there are many different types of texture of fungi that meet different levels of sensorial needs, both visually and touchingly. Practically unbreakable 15-minute hourglass with shaped end covers and thick border. Ideal for use in gaming, precise incident scheduling and experimentation.

Combined pocket with cushion, it' great for kids to seat, cuddle or just part with. 15 awesome tile packages, great for playing and emotion-building. This is a great source for developing an appreciation of emotion in a playful way. Manufactured from scratch-resistant acryl, these mirrors are secure and ideally suited for any class-room or children's room.

Class-room-size package of seat cushions with large graphic panels to help superiors in the class-room (especially in the founding phase) manage/teach good seating more effectively. Every cushion has a cut-out grip to facilitate transport and storing. They really attract kids with their shiny, reflective forms as they discover their qualities. Outstanding value and a great kit to playfully evolve your precision mechanics.

A great value for money, perfect for teaching purposes in academia, PSHE, art and more. An 18 cubic metre large portable stowage space offers space for a wide range of activities and toys. Bigger containers are tidily housed inside the units and are detachable, making them ideally suited for use in today's educational world.

The Sensory Sac may seem like a standard bean bag to you, but take another shot! With this huge fluorescent lamp you can create a feeling of reverence and amazement in your surroundings. Kids will like his gentle shine. With 2 different models, these state-of-the-art trays are perfect for keeping all your class-room furniture.

Hourglass 2 minutes large with shaped end cap and thick perimeter wall Perfect for use during play and transitional periods. It is possible to evaluate the remaining amount of elapsed working hours without knowing how to display the elapsed working hours with the 2-minute clock. The 2-seater sofabed has plenty of room for storing your favourite items such as literature, newspapers and stuffed animals both in the back and under the sofa.

Perfect for use with other parts from the Soft Sofa Seating Range. Sitting and browsing on both sides, kids can use it to browse their favorite book. Up to four kids. It will also accommodate 4 Gratnell shelves for additional storing (not supplied) (F2 shelves 427 x 312 x 150 mm).

Chosen by our experts in elementary and preschool schools, who choose each individual golfball based on its sensorial characteristics. An open source that awakens the fantasy and offers many ways to enjoy the game.

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