Offensive Baby Clothes

Insulting baby clothes

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They' re the most sexual kids' dresses in Britain... and they were all sold on the main road.

Every ALMOST store on Britain's main road has children's clothes covering everything from newborns to young teenagers. They have also asserted that boys' clothes on the other side contain message about being hero and more literate. One photo of the T-shirts showed those who addressed young men who said they had "big ideas", while those for young women said they had "big smiles".

"Looks like four kids' vacation clothes this mornin', at Morrisons didn't buy anything. You don't think much of a girl, I see. "Mr Morrison joined in and said that the T-shirts were very much appreciated by clients and that there were a number of other girl slangs. However, they are not the only one who is reproached for buying children's clothes.

During May, the Asda grocery store was facing a counter-reaction for the sale of boys' sweaters with the motto "Boys Will Be Boys" on the front. "It' more than just sexual, it's a potentially hazardous way of thinking for men and men. "It is our goal that clothes that are loved by men never become offensive. "Last year the GAP fashion label was awarded the label "I SUSFFERED IN SILENCE" by last year's parent after a children's clothes drive.

Advertising emails were sent to UK based parental support, but the UK based marketers accidentally feathered a few words with their differentiation between boys as "little scholars" and young women as "social butterflies". Twitter has caused tens of thousands of people to go to Twitter to close the loophole in their "sexist" campaigns. "Disgrace you CAP for this shameful sexualism that weakens little girl #NotBuyingIt".

Sam Missingham wrote: "Thinking that GAP should exchange the soft ball for literature bathass, for alternate female Aspiration. In particular, she pointed to the boys' T-shirts that said "Think outside the box" and "Desert adventure waits", whereas the girls' ones contained "Beautiful" and "I feel fabulous" slangs. The outraged young woman says in a videotape of her mother: "It's not fair because everyone thinks young women should only be handsome and young guys only have adventures.

"Our selection of clothes for men and women is large, and we hear the opinions of our clients when we review our assortment. Sainsburies are another super market involved in a child sexual delusion. Twitter last year featured images of two children's hotties, with the image for girl read "little and loved" while the guys said "brave and strong".

Stereo types violate boy and girl in different ways. "There is a large assortment of clothes and it was certainly not our intent to commit a crime. "Last summers, Forever 21, a boutique grocer, unveiled a line of T-shirts with the tagline designed for young boy's aged five. "As for the T-shirts concerned, we took immediate steps to remove them from our website after we received the feed-back.

Anyone who has been insulted by the product, we truly apologize.

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