One year Boy Toys

A year of toys for boys

Little boy, 1, struggles for his living after he swallows the toy's batteries and leaves him a pit in his tummy, lung infections and intoxication. One CT scan showed a small accumulator in his abdomen, and when the physicians could take it out, it had fired a nearly one centimeter large opening in the infant's esophagus. Chemical substances in the batteries had also incinerated the toddler's internal organ, causing lung inflammation and sepsis, according to reports from nearby sources.

Pulmonary inflammation is a bacteria-infected disease that causes pulmonary tissues to swell. Mr Artem was transferred from Kropyvnytskyi Airport to the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospice in the Ukraine's main town, Kiev. Yana Savchenko, his dam, explained to reporter that her boy is currently in ICU and his circulation test is getting better.

"when he saw his father, who had come from Kropyvnytskyi to come and see us." A British mother in January drew attention to the fact that her two-year-old son almost passed away after sucking a towel out of her keys and taking a batterie.

Toys Review: That 7-year-old guy makes $11 million a year on YouTube.

7-year-old Ryan from YouTube's Ryan ToysReview last year made $11 million in sales with his YouTube bankroll, Forbes said. Certainly the jealousy of primary-schoolers around the world, the young YouTube celebrity rated new toys in video clips produced by his ancestor. Last year Ryan ToysReview was ranked 8th on Forbes' best performing YouTube album.

Ryan, the 7-year-old "host" of Ryan ToysReview, a favorite movie viewing on YouTube, is also said to be a multi-millionaire. Ryan ToysReview, a family-run YouTube TV station, earned around $11 million in pre-tax revenue in 2017, according to Forbes' 2010 listing of the highest paid YouTube celebs. Ryan ToysReview linked the rough estimation of 11 million dollars with the YouTube Smosh camedy accounts for 8th place on the Forbes ranking.

The Verge introduced the Verge Canal in 2016 and Ryan's parent, who have filmed and created the account's often (almost daily) published video since the launch of Ryan ToysReview in March 2015. Ryan, then a 4-year-old supporter of toys reviewed video, asked his parent why he couldn't also check toys on YouTube.

ToysReview began Ryan slow until a July 2015 videotape became viral. How did this happen? Ryan was in the videotape while opening and checking a toy chest with more than 100 toys from Pixar's "Cars" family. New toys or baby foods are now being discussed on the canal, and the tapes usually show serious and passionate comments from Ryan with instructions from his parent outside the camerawork.

Have a look at this astronomical happy children's report which shows a donor of sweets at the bottom:

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