One year old Birthday present

A year old birthday present

Florence got for her birthday - The Ultimate First Birthday Gift Guide I' ve wanted to do this for a while, but I just got into it. Some of you have asked what Florence got for her birthday and so I have put together a small (actually incredible long) listing of all the nice presents Florence got. While some of you may think that this schedule is quite exaggerated for a one-year-old, we are part of a very large familiy and 60 folks came to commemorate the particular occasion of Florence. Several of the items below were bought with a portion of the cash she was also given. Our main focus was to buy from us outside toy for Florence.

and explore. This was a present from Florence's grand parents and great-grandmother. I wrote a little critique because Florence just likes it, so if you want to see what all the hype is about, click here. The Happy Land Toy Set - I adore Happy Land, but the set can be so costly!

I' ve been able to collect the Happy Land Mouse House & Windm├╝hlenpark on a Facebook sales group for almost nothing! She just gave me the cash for her and gave it to Florence for her birthday. Handbags - With only one year Florence has a wide selection of handbags.

On her birthday she received two wonderful hand-made handbags and marched through the building, gliding over her shoulders and saying "bag" over and over again. Doll Bonnika - This is actually one of the presents we purchased with her birthday bonus. Personalized Photo Frames My First Years - I was able to hold it together without having to tear it down and having emotive memories of Florence's birthday until we unpacked this lovely photo frames from my best girlfriend.

It was so moved by the loving and thought that had gone into the compilation and it will be a beautiful souvenir for Florence as it expands. Hortensia plants - Besides the baby carriage and the garages, my mother purchased her plants, which will continue to develop with her over the years.

Firenze was a very happy little gal! Hopefully this has been helping you with some first birthday present kinspiration for your little one.

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