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Ladies and Gentlemen, please be aware that due to the extremely high volumes of e-mails and communications we have received, we have not been able to reply within our usual timeframe. Because of the large number of orders and our need for support we had to handle, we postponed shipping orders.

Should you wish a full refund, please e-mail us at with your order number, and we will void and reimburse your order within 24 hours of receipt of your return enquiry. Remember that we can call back shipped orders. If you use your order after shipping, we will issue an automatic return and call the order back to us.

Choose the right method to request a reimbursement if necessary. There is no quicker way of delivering. You can see from our trust ratings that we have a 100% credit because we are very fast throughout our entire trade. Please do not buy from us if you do not wish to await the arrival of your order as we have had a number of customer orders and anticipate deliveries within 1/2 day.

It is not a kind of refinement that we provide.

Mom and Baby Clubs

Notice: Only when the order is fully payed, we will ship it. An example of a purchase order for a cash flow schedule from a customer: Her choice was the pay schedule and ONLY a 20% (£140) down pay was calculated at the cashier. Totally pays £700. Once the last installment has been payed, we have sent the order to the client in due course for the birth of the baby.

Faye baby.

Saving with Asda credit cards

Half fare meals, detergents, household items and much more can be purchased on the Half Fare page of the website. Go to ÁSDA to find the latest ways to cut costs on foods and more. You can order your foods from Azda and take them directly to your home. There' ll be no more rides to the supermarket!

Register for the free ASDA credit to get money back on all ASDA shopping. Buy Asda's Baby Evening and get up to 50% of the selected baby wares. Have your food shipped to you at any hour of the day or every night of the month for 5 if you are spending 40 pounds on Asda, and begin a free evaluation.

You can find baby articles that are 2 for £18 @ Asda. Load Pampers, Huggies, Johnson's, & more. Select one of Asda's cash-back debit lines and start saving while you spend: Cash-back plastic. It' free, you get 1% back at Asda Shops and 0.2% anywhere else. Start your cash-back with your debit card.

It is the same as above, and it is useful for (re)lending. The Cashback Plus system. There is a £3 per month charge, but you get 2% back at Asda shops and 0. 2% anywhere else. Booking your own supply slots and booking any number of supplies is possible at any moment. The owners of the Asda supply passport receive a prioritised supply.

Begin with a FREE evaluation version and then register for £5/month in your first year. When yes, Asda can offer them for 10% less. As all these cost reductions accumulate over the years, don't delay taking full benefit of this price protection programme. Bring 3 crates of ale and/or apple wine for £21 @ Asda.

Purchase 3 for the cost of 2 or 2 for the cost of 1 for selected articles at Asda. If you are crispy for a while, order food online and collect it from the shop free of charge. Travelling with the children for less money when you take out your own personal trip with Asda and buy the most important things for less money.

In order to get started, buy online at Asda and put your articles in the shopping cart.

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