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Britain's youngest little boy is celebrating his first anniversary

One young boy, regarded as the smallest boy ever to have been early bred and survived in Britain, celebrates his first birth. Thompson Frankie was 16 wks before his birth. Frankie, who resides in Farnborough, has now been celebrating his anniversary after having spent his first few month in prison.

When Frankie was born he said: "Smaller little gals have lived in Britain, but I don't know if such a small boy has lived. This charitable organization is helping St. Peter's Hospital - where Frankie was cared for - with state-of-the-art special medical supplies to help preterm infants and their family. Frankie's 36-year-old dam Michelle gave birth on September 25 at St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey.

The expectation was that she would be born in January. Directly after childbirth he was placed in a "sandwich bag" - often to keep preterm infants warmed - and revived. Numbers show the chance of surviving for a 14oz ( 400g ) baby are around 25 percent. Frankie was powerful enough to go home after three month of therapy on Christmas Day.

By default, the anticipated duration of a gestation period is 40 consecutive week. In Great Britain, infants can still be terminated by 24 months of age. Very early infants need an ICU in a specialised newborn clinic. Mrs Thompson described her early labor as a "massive shock". She did, however, praise the health personnel at both St. Peter's and Frimley Park Hospitals for their "amazing" outreach.

Frimley Park's Frimley Park crew postponed Frankie's delivery by almost three and a half day before he was moved to St. Peter's. Mrs Thompson was said at the outset that the first two evenings of Frankie's lifetime were "very critical". Finally, the physicians permitted him to go home with respiratory help. Mrs Thompson unveiled early this year how Nurse's came to Frankie on a regular basis to verify his breath.

Frankie had to go back for therapy only once since he left the infirmary - after contracting respiratoryitis. Mrs. Thompson came back to St. Peter's at the beginning of the year to see the physicians and nursing staff who rescued her son's family. When Frankie was birthed, he was very early and only half as heavy as we thought he would be.

Recognition must go to the physicians and nursing staff who were there for him during his nursing years.

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