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In the Oxfam Online Shop you will find high-quality children's clothing for less money. Buy ECCO children's shoes and boots and make the right start with our recognized technology and design expertise to take care of your growing feet. There is also a convenient online shop: Children's, youth and baby clothing and accessories: Online shop in the official shop.

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To ensure that you order the right fit, the best way is to check your child's foot measurements and then check them against the table of sizes below to find the right fit. Use these 4 easy procedures to precisely gauge your child's feet: The only thing you need to be able to gauge your foot from your toes to your heels is a sheet of parchment, a lead and a ruler.

Put your fucking toe against the walls. Marks the longest part of your base on the piece of wallpaper. Use the other leg to do the same. Take the length of each marker and compare it with the measurement table. Have the longest toe determine the boot height. By using this we are able to produce comfort footwear that keeps your legs clean and your legs warm.

Help the foot to grow most spontaneously from ankle to ankles. The choice of light material has top priority: linings, foams and the outer sole. Reduced body mass means additional foot comforts. The use of BIOM BIKE boot will help you to better evolve your bow musculature as they are conceived according to nature without the use of synthetic bowing.

Velcro laces allow you to set the perfect position for the shoe to surround and brace the ankle and hold the foot in place. Skin and fabric have been designed so that the footwear is perfect for breathability and keeps your legs warm and warm all the time.

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