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Don't ever buy from here, the poorest service I've ever had. Immediately I got in touch with Online4Baby and they asked me to send them a contact sheet and some pictures by e-mail, which I did. Since it was over 6 month, they addressed me to the producer who took back the baby bed and said that I could have a reimbursement because in the meantime I had to buy a baby bed where my little girl could be asleep.

2 and a half months without a rebate and an ignored e-mail I phoned online4baby who then said that the producer should not have allowed me to reimburse, after a lot of "research" and without any recalls I was eventually informed by the only executive you could talk to that I could have a rebate and it would be sent via Paypal in the next 5-10 working days.

The 10 day period will elapse and of course there will be no reimbursement. I' m calling back just to be informed by the management that I won't get a reimbursement because it was the incorrect brand they addressed me to, so I have to take the crib back, get in touch with the right brand and mail it to them!

If I ask about the new manufacturer's specifications, I am informed that they have gone into bankruptcy, and now I have to take the crib back and look at it separately. I am tired of half my weeks on the telephone with this firm (to be said that I would get a callback that I will never get!) I am contacting Citizens Advise who addressed the problem with trade standard, they tell me to file my complaints in written form, as all efforts to talk to someone higher have gone wrong, and I ask for a reply within 7 workingdays if no answer was given to get them back to them to continue the grievance, I sent the e-mail and explained there that I sent the e-mail and explained that if no reply was given to continue the grievance I would get there and get it back.

Received an e-mail from Online4baby at the age of 16. On Friday of the public holidays week-end (closing at 5 p.m.), to say that they had phoned me, but had failed to reply and leave a voice mail, and to call them to address my grievance. If I had to press ahead with the appeal, I sent an e-mail asking for a written reply.

It' s a 7-day time limit and, surprisingly surprised, no Online4baby contacts! I' ll e-mail you and then I' ll make up my mind to call you at 4:30. I' ve been informed that I am ready for a call back today and will get a call in the next 20min. Cannot retrieve a call. I' ll call the next day and again, I'm down for a callback, I guess I don't want a callback and will be waiting, 20 min later I'm said that the executive will be up to 1 hr, so he'll call me back!

Mr President, I asked for a deadlock so that the complainant could make headway with the European ombudsman, and that has not been communicated, nor has her grievance process, which has just been sent! I will come back to the people' s suggestions and take the complain to the European ombudsman forward, but I wanted to take this check in the hopes that it would prevent anyone from purchasing from this business, as if you had a nasty issue with the bureau.

According to the Consumers Law Act, although 6 month had elapsed, the problem should have been handled by online4baby, as I am authorised to claim a reimbursement due to the past years. Also, through the Consumers Act, once it has been settled, you can receive a reimbursement which should take place within 2 week.

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