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Getting Started Baby Buddy Order poster and brochures Where can I order Baby Buddy brochures and poster? Poster and brochures are intended to inform expectant mothers and new mothers about Baby Buddy; we have sent them to clinics, children's centers, medical practices, other charity organizations, library and similar places. Bes Beginnings ask a lead executive or doctor to accept your order to make sure there is a senior-level arrangement to deliver the Baby Buddy literature.

It accompanies mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be through gestation, childbirth and the first six month of their baby's life with personalized information, over 250 video clips, goals, appointments, community services and more. Babysomething Buddy can be used by a parent alone or in combination with healthcaregivers.

Free download of our brochures and poster in different formats, which you can easily publish yourself. In order to help us track how and where Baby Buddy is used, please fill out this fast track request and we will send you a shortcut via e-mail. Whom can I contact for help with my order?

The Baby Buddy is supported by the Ministry of Health: This page allows you to view video from From Bump to breast-feeding on DVDs. Of Bump to breast-feeding leads you through all the issues and speaks with young mothers about how it really is. This video follows four mothers who choose to breast-feed their baby - it will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about breast-feeding and how to make it successful.

Works to enhance results for young mothers and their offspring by designing maternal care that meets their needs.

Babies' first British passport, which you need to know.

If, for example, the baby is only an infant by birth or was abroad or has one or more parent (s) who do not have a recent UK Passport, there may be extra documents and/or information that you will need to include. More information on the first children's passes can be found below:

In order to obtain your child's first UK citizenship you must first provide proof that he or she is a UK national; this can be done by presenting a full UK birth/acceptance or citizenship document for the newborn. When one of the child's parent is a UK citizen with a UK citizen ID, you can easily specify the particulars of your ID on the child's ID card request.

Remarkably, if none of you were ever raised in the UK or have UK nationality, the procedure will be different and you must obtain your child's nationality from the Home Office before you can obtain a first UK passport. You must enclose the complete natal document of the infant with your travel document request (this must be the full copy with the information of the parent, the short shortened copy will be rejected).

Please be aware that when extending your child's valid travel document, a baby's birthday card is only necessary if the document has been confiscated orolen. Pupils are only obliged to submit supplementary documentation if: When the name of a parental differs from the name given on the child's full natal record.

There is no daily allowance for children's passes because there is more paper work to be done, so please take your time when applying for your child's first pass.

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